Engaging with Sports Fans

Vivintel (Vividata’s custom research arm) launched its inaugural Sports & eSports Study, and we have a sneak peek at the first two reports from this study hot off the press!

This study of 3,510 Canadian consumers is the first of its kind, helping clients across media, agencies and brands understand the changing landscape of sports fandom.

Key Areas of Coverage for Sports & eSports:

  • Viewership and attendance
  • Fandom for teams and leagues
  • Favorite player
  • Motivation to follow
  • Social media engagement
  • Streaming live events
  • Streaming by device
  • Sources for information
  • Advertising awareness
  • Sponsorship awareness
  • Spending on events and merchandise
  • Attitudes and opinions
  • Betting
  • Fantasy sports



Results for these reports are from Vivintel’s Sports & eSports Study and are integrated to Vividata’s Study of the Canadian Consumer. For more details on gaining access to this extensive database, visit vividata.ca/focus-on/sports, or contact info@vividata.ca.

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