How Green Are Your Offerings? Know the Rules

With more and more customers wanting to purchase products and services that are environmentally friendly, companies are promoting the green aspects of their offerings through ads, logos and packaging. To avoid regulatory risks, it is vital for marketers to be aware of the rules that govern advertising and competition in Canada.

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FAQs Answered About the Chartered Marketer (CM) Program

Are you considering enrolling in the CM program, or know someone on your team who would be a perfect candidate?  We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions and sat down with a few of the people behind the launch of the CM program, including the Global CMO of TD, the CM Program Facilitator, and more!

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Delivering Predictable Customer Growth

One of the biggest challenges marketers face to increasing growth is retention. Aimia’s latest whitepaper, SmartJourney, provides the strategy, tools and execution for boosting retention through increased customer engagement.

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The Death of SEO (And Why It's a Myth)

We are more than halfway through 2018, which means marketing teams everywhere are moving full steam ahead on the goals they set at the end of last year. It's safe to say that the topic of SEO is often a source of discussion when teams outline their marketing goals and strategy. But how important is SEO to your business and what is the true impact it can have?

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Unlocking the Value of Reputation

In their annual global report, Ipsos Public Perspectives examines the definitive link between corporate reputation and better business efficiency.

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