Luke Sullivan Talks Business to People (B2P) Advertising

By: Small Talk, The Cargo Agency

Luke Sullivan? You could say he wrote the bible on advertising. And while The Cargo Agency may not have written the number one ad-book on Amazon, they do know a thing or two about Small Business. So, they thought, why not combine their expertise? The Cargo Agency sat down with Luke Sullivan and asked him all about B2P, or business to people.

Why? Because, when it comes to reaching an audience, Luke knows what it takes. Honesty. Truth. Authenticity. And those messages, are exactly what Small Business Owners (SBOs) want to hear. But how do you deliver those messages to your audience? In a human, personalized, and imaginative way. But don’t just take our word for it. Take his.

We know that the production quality isn’t perfect, but the content included above is top-notch. We hope you learn something new!

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