Mandatory Breach Notification – Are You Ready?

Mandatory Breach Notification – Are You Ready?

Canada’s mandatory data breach regulations were published this week and will go into force on November 1. Also revealed this week were the government’s views on potential changes to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation: their proposed CASL changes include several helpful clarifications to the law.  Finally, don’t miss the news that Ontario may pass its own privacy law.

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Stay on Top of Regulatory Developments That May Impact Your Business

If you’re still unsure whether EU’s new privacy rules apply to your business, tune into the members-only GDPR Webinar on April 25. Important changes are also coming to trademark laws - their impact on marketing will be discussed on May 9 at a special event.

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Classic Marketing Mistakes

Mistakes happen; however, it’s learning from these mistakes that make them important to recognize. Rob Weisz, VP of Marketing of IntelligenceBank explores some of the industry’s classic mistakes as a reminder to us all to never do.

Enjoy his round-up of blunders on the blog and watch CMA’s Epic Wins & Epic Fails Video Series

Use Design Thinking and Solve Your Toughest Business Challenges

Pearl Strategy & Innovation Design Inc. describes the benefit of using a design thinking approach to help understand your business through the consumers’ lens. By doing this you will uncover unmet needs which will help you generate new possibilities.

Check out the blog for 5 helpful exercises

How Insights Professionals are Engaging with Agility

A recent white paper by Phase 5 shares perspectives from insights teams about roadblocks to improved business agility and how to overcome them. For example, insights groups can achieve agility by being perceived as a key driver of change, rather than a bottleneck.

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