Movie Buffs 2017 Report: What are Canadians Watching on TV?

Current media analysis campaigns are run with the usual demographic splits: men vs women, 18-34's as a proxy for Millennials, and differences by household income, to give a few examples.

In this latest report by NLogic, they suggest that audiences are more complex than these factors, and using multiple tactics, they took advantage of all available tools and data sources to analyze viewers in different ways. With the Academy Awards around the corner, they took the opportunity to have a quick look at Movie Buffs and movie viewing.

  • The first section uses NLogic's RTS (return to sample) survey, which is Canada’s largest syndicated consumer study, with a sample of over 42,000. The data is based on individuals 12+ who have visited the movies 7 times a year or more.
  • They also looked at Numeris’ TV data from Canada’s key markets. To see which movies Canadians were watching on TV, they examined the total Canada Ind2+ data, across both English & French stations, along with Numeris’ PPM TV data across all Canada.
  • The final section uses MTM (Media Technology Monitor) to access technology ownership and use. At the time of this blog, MTM’s Fall survey was not yet released.


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