Must Reads from CMA's Digital Marketing Council #50

Why are ads in trustworthy environments becoming significantly more effective? Is online advertising outperforming TV spending? How are leading brands building trust via social media? What does author and branding expert Bernie Schroeder have to say about brands? What happened to the Beanie Baby Bubble of ’99?

Discover these latest topics and more in our 50th round-up of Digital Must Reads

New Guidance on Gaining Meaningful Consent

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada issued two new guidance documents: Guidelines for obtaining meaningful consent and Guidance on inappropriate data practices. These documents set out practical and actionable guidance regarding what organizations should do to ensure that they obtain meaningful consent, and the ‘no go zones’ inappropriate under privacy law.

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What Are Canadians Listening to?

Canadian Music Week has just passed and Canadians, from coast to coast, are already enjoying the start of music festival season. NLogic takes a closer look at radio genres including regional preferences and differences by age group. 

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Recommended Reading from CMA’s Media Council #3

Are ads becoming more intrusive? How much longer will traditional media dominate marketing? How will GDPR impact Facebook, Google and online advertising? Are advertisers looking away from their TV screens?

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