Must Reads from CMA's Digital Marketing Council #44

Here’s the latest round-up of must-read content from around the web from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council

Facebook is removing 20 outdated, redundant ad metrics
In July, Facebook will remove 20 metrics that it says are redundant, outdated or unhelpful to advertisers. These include the 'actions' category of metrics where, all actions such as engagement, clicks or conversions are aggregated. Also on the chopping block; button clicks, amount, page mentions, positive and negative feedback, and social metrics (social reach, social impressions and social clicks). A full list of the metrics Facebook intends to remove can be found here. – Shared by Karly Gaffney, Director, Strategy, Agnostic

4 Industries that will Dominate Social Media in 2018
While many industries have found success leveraging social media marketing to drive business results, some have lagged behind. Will 2018 be the year where Hospitality, Manufacturing, Pharma and Finance take the social media world by storm? – Shared by Alexandra Niester, Marketing Manager, Membership, Government Community Relations & Automotive, CAA

Mobile Shopping Is on the Rise, But Remains Split Between the Mobile Web and Apps
Mobile’s influence on shopping behavior has been on the rise since the advent of the smartphone, but recent data indicates consumers are becoming more comfortable finalizing transactions on their phones. That, however, puts even more pressure on brands to improve their mobile and app experiences, which, in turn, are shifting the nature of brand loyalty. If consumers’ shopping expectations aren’t met, they will go elsewhere. – Shared by Erica Fitzpatrick, Think with Google Canada Lead, Marketing, Google

‘It’s going to end in tears’: Reality check is coming for subscription-thirsty publishers
What will publishers do? Subscriptions and advertising is not enough. With that, the world needs this kind of content. How will we reconcile the huge gap that exists between money-making publishers, consumers and advertising? – Shared by Mitch Joel, President, Mirum

Get back to basics: New Forrester report lays out priorities for mobile marketers
The 2018 Mobile and New Technology Priorities for Marketers: Why Marketers Must Keep Their Mobile Basics found that emerging technology such as chatbots, intelligent agents (IAs), artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) is keeping marketers from leveraging as much as they could from mobile. The report says that a hyperfocus on tech is causing marketers to “fail to deliver on foundational mobile experiences.” Forrester found that 53 percent of the surveyed marketers are still not using mobile to transform their overall customer experience. – Shared by Lorena Giron

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