Must Reads from CMA's Digital Marketing Council #45

Here’s the latest round-up of must-read content from around the web from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council

Why consumers are increasingly willing to trade privacy for convenience

The collective definition of privacy is shifting along with what experiences consumers deem valuable.  Consumers have long exchanged data for services they find valuable, like email addresses or location for free Wi-Fi and social media profiles for easier site logins, but they are starting to let platforms into their lives like never before, even going so far as to consent to vehicle tracking and access to their homes. Amazon and Walmart are testing boundaries. – Shared by Lorena Giron

Why Brands Must Form an Identity to Retain Customers in the Voice Economy

Not so long ago, we’d only initiate a conversation with a brand if something had gone wrong, but we’re now starting to use conversation to do much more. Conversation is becoming an ever-present part of the entire experience chain. Already, we’re seeing a range of brands using conversation for different ends, leading the way for dialogue to become an integral part of the brand experience. – Shared by Kathleen Grace, Director, Digital Strategy at Stephen Thomas Ltd

Facebook changes direction again, will prioritize shows in the news feed over shorter video content

The short, silent video format that has come to dominate the newsfeed is no longer a priority for Facebook. As the YouTube war wages on, Facebook is signalling to publishers that it wants videos that are better suited for its Watch video section. – Shared by Karly Gaffney, Director, Strategy, Agnostic

P&G's Marc Pritchard Puts Agencies on Notice

It seems like is a lot to blame on the agencies. In this article, something becomes very apparent: Agencies need to be more creative than the brands. They need to help brands sell more in an age of more choice and connectivity. So, maybe put the "digital transformation" service offering aside and get back to the strong work of being smart and creative? – Shared by Mitch Joel, President, Mirum

Remotely Entertaining SXSW: THE NYT'S 'Daily' Podcast is a New Kind of Front Page

The New York Times offers The Daily podcast for free, largely as a gateway to new audiences, with just one ad per episode to underwrite nearly a dozen staffers. It's already generating a profit anyway. – Shared by Emily Baillie, Professor, Humber College

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