Must Reads from CMA's Digital Marketing Council #47

Here’s the latest round-up of must-read content from around the web from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council:

Marketers Need to Stop Focusing on Loyalty and Start Thinking About Relevance

The rules of marketing have changed and businesses need to put their consumers first in order to succeed. This article from the Harvard Business Review is about the new 5 Ps (in addition to the traditional 4) that marketers need to think about as they build their brands. – Shared by Ariela Freed, Loyalty Solutions and Partnerships, Director, Bond Brand Loyalty

How Brands are Getting More Sophisticated at Using Location Data

With its start in geofencing, location data was originally used as a real-time tool. However, it has evolved to serve as a rich data source for improved targeting and customer insights. – Shared by Alexandra Niester, Marketing Manager, Membership, Government Community Relations & Automotive, CAA

The Hidden Cost of Time Wasted on Data, by Industry

Data is everything in marketing these days, right? Well, you may be surprised to discover that "everything" also includes a ton of wasted time and energy that - ultimately - could be a liability as well. – Shared by Mitch Joel, President, Mirum

Brands, Please Stop Ruining the Consumer Mobile Journey with Desktop Experiences

When brands fail to prioritize mobile investments and experiences, brands risk losing consumers who choose not to put down their mobile devices to complete transactions. – Shared by Lorena Giron

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