Must Reads from CMA's Digital Marketing Council #53

We’re pleased to provide this round-up of must-read content from around the web compiled by CMA’s Digital Marketing Council

Remotely Entertaining: Should marketers care about app 'addiction'?
With today's dependence on mobile devices, should marketers consider both the commercial viability and social responsibility of their mobile ads and apps? – Shared by Alexandra Niester, Marketing Manager, Membership, Government Community Relations & Automotive, CAA

Marketing will never be done by robots, tech marketer says
Marketers at Cannes this year have emphasized that, for all its potential, AI will never replace the emotional connection with consumers. "Marketing will never be done by robots," John Travis, Adobe's vice president of brand marketing, told CNBC. "And… instinct, emotion, all of that which marketers we always talk (about), is more important than ever." – Shared by Katie Fisher, Director, Overseas Business Development, Harlequin

Siri owns 46% of the mobile voice assistant market — one and half times Google Assistant's share of the market
Voice is the new navigation. Marketers are talking a lot about Amazon and Google. Apple is going to a beast in this space. What's your plan? – Shared by Mitch Joel, Founder at Six Pixels Group. Author of Six Pixels of Separation & CTRL ALT Delete

It’s official: No one cares about your “cool” office perks
A new LinkedIn survey of over 3,000 full-time U.S. workers confirms what many of us have suspected for years. Those funky perks employers tout as supposed emblems of a great work culture are actually empty totems that employees don’t really care about. – Shared by Emily Baillie, Professor, Humber College

Why messaging channels are marketers' big opportunity
Just as the ease of email has streamlined communication in the last few decades, messaging stands to extend this ease for consumers, enhancing experience and brand access. The problem? Though 90% of brands want to better personalize, only 40% of customers feel they receive personalized service. Targeted personalization within messaging channels is a game changer. – Shared by Kerri Dawson, Vice President, Marketing, LCBO

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