Must Reads from CMA's Digital Marketing Council #28

Here’s the latest round-up of must-read content from around the web from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council

Inside the secret meeting where Apple revealed the state of its AI research
Considering Apple owns much of the mobile space, and has made some inroads with it's "Home" application for the IOT, insights into what it's developing in AI are crucial. Turns out, it's much the same as everyone else - however, it is having big success processing images, claiming to beat Google on raw speed. – Shared by Mike Jacobs, CEO, The New Business

Watching David Bowie argue with an interviewer about the Future of the Internet is Beautiful
A little #tbt for our Must Reads - a 1999 clip with David Bowie discussing his views on the power the internet will have to change the way people interact with music, content and each other. Almost 20 years later his comments still ring true. A true visionary. – Shared by Andrew Lane

How voice technology is transforming computing
Siri, Alexa... the power of voice. Voice is the next OS. I believe this. I've been saying this for the past long while. The technology is there. Voice will drive navigation and searches and much more. We're starting to see what Apple, Amazon, Google and more are doing in this space, and there's no doubt that the technology is quickly catching up to the dream. At CES last week, Amazon's Alexa was all the rage. Pundits have already said that the bulk of searches in the coming years will be voice-driven without a screen. Marketers, start paying attention... – Shared by Mitch Joel, President, Mirum

Instagram Stories hits 150M daily users
Call 'em a copycat or pure genius -- Instagram now has Snapchat-like numbers for its Stories and next up are Ads! – Shared by Simren Deogun, Associate Director, Digital at LoyaltyOne

Mozilla's Holiday Brand Project Was a Data Privacy Pop-up in NYC
During the prime holiday shopping season, a tech company lured unsuspecting shoppers into a brightly lit storefront with the sparse design of a hip gadget store. It was Mozilla's Glass Room, and the only thing the maker of the Firefox browser was selling there was an education in digital privacy and security, or what it calls "Internet Health." Amid fears of a more aggressive surveillance state environment, influence of hacking and cyber propaganda, news of smart home devices collecting data on real-world personal conversations, and the ubiquity of digital interactions in our daily lives, the Mozilla message surely has a receptive public. – Shared by Katie Fisher, Director, Overseas Business Development, Harlequin

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