Must Reads from CMA's Digital Marketing Council #40

Here’s the latest round-up of must-read content from around the web from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council

Facebook's new messaging app deepens debate over kids' social-media use
Introducing “Messenger Kids”, the new messenger app by Facebook designed for those under the age of 13. It allows users to send texts, videos and photos; they can draw on the pictures they send and add stickers. The new app puts the social network at the heart of the debate about how and when children should start their online lives. – Shared by Kathleen Grace, Director, Digital Strategy, Stephen Thomas

Marketing across Canada’s multicultural landscape? New research from MediaCom Canada reveals what you need to know
Opportunities to reach Canada’s expanding audience of culturally diverse consumers are on the rise. Here, Aarti Bhaskaran, Head, Business Insights and Analytics at MediaCom Canada, shares her perspective on how marketers can effectively connect with these consumers. – Shared by Erica Fitzpatrick, Think with Google Canada Lead, Marketing, Google

Top Holiday Season Digital Trends
The holiday season is nearly in full swing. How will it be different than past seasons? The most striking difference is not in what consumers are buying, it’s how they are shopping. – Shared by Kerri Dawson, Vice President, Marketing, LCBO

Between iMessage, WhatsApp, and Messenger, SMS texting is becoming a relic of the past
Here's one of those data points that might freak you out: Texting is going the way of the dodo bird, as many people default their messaging to apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. So, if SMS texting doomed and done? – Shared by Mitch Joel, President, Mirum

20 of the World’s Funniest Ads You Might Have Missed This Year
There’s certainly no shortage of stellar storytelling and wry humor in today’s advertising world, but few have time to sift through the internet sludge each day to find those nuggets of quality.Check out the top 20 funniest ads in the world this year. – Shared by Linda Chep, Sr. Performance Marketing Lead, Microsoft Canada

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads
With organic reach expected to decline further in 2018, what was once deemed the wild west of advertising may now become the mainstream method for reaching your target audience. What makes the perfect Facebook campaign? – Shared by Emily Baillie, Professor, Humber College

2018 is the year chatbots join the enterprise
Consumers have adopted bots as part of their daily lives, but enterprise has been lagging behind. It's time to grow beyond general "assistant" use cases, and enterprise is ready to begin to adopt strategic and unique ways to weave AI into their day to day interactions. Read on for predictions on top uses for enterprise chatbots in 2018. – Shared by Katie Fisher, Director, Overseas Business Development, Harlequin

Top 10 Digital Innovations in 2017
Always a sucker for year-end-best-of lists, this is a good round-up of some of the digital innovations employed by marketers that made waves this year. A blend of pure novelty (an app that reads facial expressions for Marmite) as well as innovations that promise more enduring value (a couple of products that feature the hyped Apple ARKit). – Shared by Dino Demopoulos, Co-Founder, paper strategy

The concept of an "in-market consumer" and "purchase intent" seems like marketing 101, but we can be doing a better job of unpacking what specific behaviors and metrics indicate the greatest propensity to buy. – Shared by Janet Xi, Group Media Manager, Jungle Media

What happens as marketers shift from algorithms to AI and other 2018 predictions from Kantar
Industries are starting to look at how to use AI to solve marketing challenges. At the end of the day it is all about ease of use and adding value to consumer needs – Shared by Victoria Bomben, Director, Digital Strategy, Sheridan College

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