Must Reads from CMA's Digital Marketing Council #46

Here’s the latest round-up of must-read content from around the web from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council

Royal Bank study says focus on ‘human skills’ needed to navigate workplace automation
50% of Canadian jobs will undergo a significant skills overhaul in the next 10 years, and "skills mobility" will become a new competitive advantage. Find out what skills will be most valuable in a rapidly changing workforce. – Shared by Erica Fitzpatrick, Think with Google Canada Lead, Marketing, Google

Nearly 75% of Canadian Facebook users plan to change behaviour in wake of privacy controversy
Possibly some big changes coming as it relates to how Canadians use Facebook, and possibly to how marketers and agencies leverage the platform moving forward. – Shared by Karly Gaffney, Director, Strategy, Agnostic

Why the Web 3.0 Matters and you should know about it
While the Web 2.0 democratized many power structures and created new opportunities, the economic engine is largely privatized and monopolized. Facebook, Uber and AirBnB have created private networks for public infrastructure which they dominate. The Web 3.0 is the antithesis of this, it’s about multiple profit centers sharing value across an open network. – Shared by Janet Xi, Group Media Manager, Jungle Media

Top stories coming out of SXSW Interactive 2018
Another year, another SXSW. It’s difficult to put all the learnings and trends into one article so here is a series that neatly corrals many of the top stories digital marketers want to know. – Shared by Ariela Freed, Loyalty Solutions and Partnerships, Director, Bond Brand Loyalty

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