Must Reads from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council #24

Here’s the latest round-up of must-read content from around the web from CMA’s Digital Marketing Council

What Millenial's YouTube Usage Tells Us About The Future of Video
So no surprise, Millennials prefer video over TV. Big time. 2 to 1. These are the video die-hards. They binge watch. The great news for brands is that preference of what type of video to watch shows a strong likelhood to consume produced content (in addition to cat videos). Content Marketing still reigns supreme. – Shared by Robin Whalen, Managing Partner, Real Interactive

Social Media Stars Becoming More Influential in Celebrity Marketing
Who sells more stuff for brands in influencer marketing: celebrities or social media stars? The answer may surprise you... – Shared by Mitch Joel, President, Mirum

Have You Heard This New Buzzword That’s Turning Digital Marketing Upside Down?
Addressability is the hot topic of the day in the financial services marketing space, but what is it? This article refers to addressability as "the process of customizing marketing messages to match the personal lifecycle needs of specific consumers at a specific point in their purchase cycle, thereby optimizing relevance." Sounds like a winning idea, but how do you  position your company for success? It requires a mix of capabilities, process and skills that your organization may not yet have. If you're looking for improved results, engagement and customer loyalty, addressability may be the answer. – Shared by Linda Forrest, Director, Marketing, Digital Channels, Sun Life Financial

‘Mr. Robot’ Goes Virtual Reality with Limited 360-Degree Broadcast
Broadcast and VR are starting to collide with a limited 360-degree broadcast of the popular show, Mr. Robot. Both Mr. Robot and Virtual Reality were hot topics at this year's SXSW, not surprising to see this come to fruition so shortly afterwards. What will viewers think? – Shared by Simren Deogun, Director, Digital Innovation, Stephen Thomas

14 digital marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
Timeless article on digital marketing. Some points are intuitive, while others may surprise you. A great list of what to avoid and best practices for marketing online. – Shared by Ariela Freed, Digital Media Director, Bond Brand Loyalty

Twitter bans user in the wake of online harassment via their platform
Increase of trolling is real and no one is immune. So how do leading Social Media platforms prevent abuse? For their part, it's simple. Block them from the platform. Insert the case of Milo Yiannopoulos who was deeply offended by the new Ghostbusters movie and decided to harrass one of the leading stars. Action. Consequence. Justice. – Shared by Robin Whalen, Managing Partner, Real Interactive

Pokemon GO - a look into the future of online to offline (O2O) marketing
Pokemon GO is taking over consumer attention and emerging as the first true case for online to offline marketing at scale.  From the vantage point of a Pokemon GO meetup at the CN Tower less than 48 hours after the app's Canadian launch, this article digs into early learnings and observations for this fast approaching future phenomenon. – Shared by Andrew Lane, Director, Digital Solutions, Blue Ant Media

Is brand awareness still an option?
Over the past decade marketers have relied on quantity based measurements as a proxy for campaign performance. The volume of impressions, clicks and likes indicates that people see the ads and find them relevant and compelling. But with the increase of ad blocking and bot frauds, as well as demand for more data transparency, evidence suggest that traditional metrics do a poor job in measuring sales, engagement and, ultimately, ROI. – Shared by Peter Reitano, President, Spark

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