Brand Leaders Take Note! New TLD Round Proposed for September 2018

Brand Leaders Take Note! New TLD Round Proposed for September 2018

By Peter LaMantia, Founder and CEO of Authentic Web

Over 550 enterprise brands got the jump on their competitors in 2012 by applying for, and winning their own proprietary Top-Level-Domain (TLD). These brands include IBM, Nike, Barclays, Ford, Canon, Pfizer, and many others. They’ve earned a global first-mover advantage to develop innovative, engaging and secure use cases using their own authoritative Brand TLD, such as CAREERS.FORD or GLOBAL.CANON. Brands that did not participate in the 1st round have been frozen out of the process since 2012. What Nike has – Reebok and Adidas do not.

Now, with over five years of first-mover advantage behind us, things are about to change radically. The long awaited 2nd round applications have finally been proposed with a date! Last week the Registry Stakeholder Group (RySG) submitted a formal letter to ICANN’s board of directors proposing a next round date of September 2018. This is a significant development.

The RySG notably delivered much in the way of useful substance to their proposal. They added methodology, process, and concrete recommendations to resolve a number of contentious policy issues that have partially contributed to the five-year hiatus since the 1st round applications. Suddenly, the next round is approaching fast.

What This Means For Brands Who Already Own Their Brand TLD

Surprisingly, of the 550 current Brand TLDs, barely 25% have yet to develop and launch live use cases to capitalize on their branded domain space. For the remaining 75% this is an overlooked strategic brand opportunity. Whether your company falls into the category of innovator or fence-sitter, the window to capitalize on your first-mover advantage is rapidly closing. You still have an opportunity, provided you act quickly. A focused plan to design, execute and deploy digital transformation initiatives to set your brand apart from your competitors is imperative.

What This Means For Brands Who Did NOT Apply In 2012

Your opportunity is now at hand. The timing is immediate to start building your business case to apply in the next round. You have a short window of opportunity to engage your brand stakeholder teams to develop a plan. It is still very possible to come out of the gate quickly and leapfrog those of your competitors who applied for their Brand TLD in 2012 but have yet to implement an innovation agenda.


If your past decision-making regarding the Brand TLD opportunity was characterized as “wait and see,” we have news for you. It is happening! Brands will either be left in the dust with the laggards or they can step up to their respective brand missions as innovators and digital leaders.

Recent years of procedural delays are about to be swept away as the next round date firms up, bolstered by the energy and commitment from the major community constituencies like the RySG. The new TLD program will change brand digital identity forever.

Make no mistake; you want to own your Brand TLD. CEOs and their senior brand teams are increasingly seeing Brand TLDs not as a clever, cosmetic alternative to your “dot-com.” Correctly implemented, a Brand TLD can secure your digital brand in a new world of authentic digital engagement. Brand TLDs are more cost effective and scalable than the old, outdated paradigm of managing hundreds or thousands of less relevant level domains. Brand TLDs improve security, trust and authority for audiences. Well-executed use case implementation can create opportunities to drive trusted brand-centric experiences, establish new business models that will anchor and define your digital strategy for the next ten years, and more.


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Peter LaMantia is Founder and CEO of Authentic Web Inc., a technology and services provider that equips enterprise Marketing and IT with domain automation and business intelligence to optimize and innovate digital brands. Contact:;

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