Permitted Cannabis Marketing Activities: CMA Guide Available Soon

The CMA is preparing to release a guide to provide Canadian marketers with the information and insights they need to comply with the new federal cannabis legislation. The guide has been developed through the CMA Working Group on Cannabis with input from senior marketers from the cannabis sector, as well as agencies and suppliers to the sector. It will be updated as regulations evolve.

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Case Study: The TIFF Strategy

This is the second part in the CX Council’s 3-part blog series on how TIFF optimized its customer experience to build a loyalty ladder. In this second post, we explore TIFF's approach to addressing the issues identified in post one by making necessary changes to TIFF’s loyalty ladder. Issues identified in post one included not delivering on an implied promise of access and re-orienting how teams communicated so messaging was more customer-friendly and less confusing.

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Customer Journey Mapping for Better Business Decisions

Phase 5’s latest white paper on Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) identifies when you should do CJM, the benefits of doing it, practical tips and techniques for doing it. The authors of the report dive further into best practices in an interview-based article.

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Unravelling the Myth of the Best Day and Time to Send Emails

With the majority of marketing happening online, we often spend hours searching for email open trends and analyzing data to find the optimal time for interactions. So, what is the best time to send out emails? Here’s an unbiased opinion from data scientists over at Digital Alchemy.

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Consumers Demand a More Personalized Experience and Human Interaction

Latest thinking from Accenture suggests that we need to understand and deliver on customer expectations, or we face the risk of customers silently slipping away… with little ability to win them back.

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