SEO Predictions: What is to come in 2018

SEO Predictions: What’s to Come in 2018?

What technologies are most likely to grow and influence SEO strategies? What does the future hold for voice-assistant devices? For featured snippets? The global Ayima SEO team has identified potential gamechangers in 2018.

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6 Essential Data and Analytical Skills for the Modern Marketer

As the mix of art and science involved in making marketing decision continues to shift, marketers need more well-rounded skills in the areas of data, analytics and overall insights.

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Canadian Perspectives on Health and Wellness

Gain insights about Canadians’ perspectives on health and wellness that will lead to growth opportunities for your business. Part 1 of a 3-part blog series examining the results of Pearl Strategy’s 2017 Health & Wellness Quantitative Online Survey.

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2018 Social Media Trend Report

2018 will see continued growth and complexity in social media platforms, with more users, advances in technology, and new ways to connect, interact, and engage consumers. Keeping abreast of these changes is critical for businesses to forge deeper and more dynamic connections with their audience. [To access this article, you will be required to input your contact info.]

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Competition Bureau Reaches Settlement in Advertising Case

The Competition Bureau reached an agreement with Leon’s and The Brick regarding concerns over advertising of financing plans. The Bureau also called on all businesses selling furniture, appliances and electronics, to review their marketing practices, particularly as they relate to financing plans.

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