Post Summit Book – Shifting the Focus

To say we live in interesting times is to understate the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. New, disruptive technology is emerging at a faster rate than ever before. Jobs are being eliminated by automation. Thought leaders and community innovators are leaving their communities for bigger cities. Demographics are shifting, with more baby boomers entering retirement and putting pressure on Canada’s healthcare system. Climate change and acts of terrorism, both physical and digital, are becoming commonplace.

Organizations across Canada are facing challenges at every turn. To build sustainable, prosperous communities, we must think strategically and plan ahead – using technology, innovation and social change to our advantage. To assist municipal leaders with this matter, JLT Canada hosted the Public Sector Summit: “Shifting the Focus”, last fall. The 3-day event included seven engaging speaker sessions discussing fundamental issues and social trends: the future of Canada, the Canadian economy, infrastructure, mental health and PTSD, crime and security, leadership and engagement. Though the Summit was produced for Municipal Delegates, the topics are applicable to private and public entities in all industries.

The Post Summit Book – Shifting the Focus, was produced in collaboration with JLT’s expert speakers and industry partners to capture the essence of the topical sessions explored at the event. Each section provides a further exploration of the topic discussed, key learnings from each presentation, facts, statistics and case studies, and important questions to consider.


Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc.

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