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Facebook introduces ‘Collections’ feature to help organize and share content

Just in time for the holidays, Facebook is introducing the ability for users to share a collection of content with anyone on their friend list. Facebook’s ‘Collections’ lets users organize posts, ads for products, video or marketplace listings into topics and themes that they can share directly with their friends and family. Holiday wishlists here we come! – Shared by Erica Fitzpatrick, Brand Marketing Lead at Google

Canadian Retailers Still Playing 'Catch-Up'

New research from KPMG highlights a need for Canadian retail brands to adapt to widespread digital and demographic changes to meet evolving shopper expectations. Driven by technological disruption and demographic changes, an increasing number of shoppers, especially in the Gen Y and Z demographics, are turning to online channels for greater convenience and personalization. – Shared by Diana Conconi, Senior Vice President and Partner at Kaiser Lachance Communications

Millennial Pink is dead, and Pantone’s Color of the Year killed it

Meet Living Coral. It’s the color of resistance, of tech company rebrands, and of 1960s Americana–a familiar and energizing hue that you’re about to see everywhere. – Shared by Laurence Metrick, President, The Metrick System

Why it’s so important to safeguard your customer data and protect your brand

Thriving and surviving in an age of unmatched access to customer data and information. – Shared by Chris Brockbank, Chief Commercial Officer, FIRMA Foreign Exchange

Study shows consumers value human-like communication from brands

You had me at hello…as long as it was on the right platform, at the right time, and in the right tone. Consumers want sincere, human-like communication from their preferred brands. – Shared by Ariane Sauvé, Director, Brand & Corporate Marketing at Canada Post

Marketing's obsession with short-term metrics and results

Buy you now? Why should I buy you ever? Marketing has become too focused on transactions of today, with not enough building of brands for the future. – Shared by Laura Baehr, Vice President, Marketing at thinktv Canada

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