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Building a digital marketing strategy for your small business

Helpful tips from Small Business Owners on how to build a successful and measurable digital marketing strategy. – Shared by Brian Carey, Director Customer Marketing at Rogers Communications

5 AI Trends That Will Change eCommerce Industry in 2019

AI to change the way retailers talk to customers: #1. More accurate and flexible search options; #2. Smarter AI assistants and chatbots; #3. Precise upselling and cross-selling recommendations;
#4. Insights for better marketing and planning; #5. Logistics based on 100% automation. – Shared by Ariane Sauvé, Director, Brand & Corporate Marketing at Canada Post

Don't do that! Mistakes for marketers to avoid

The long term effects of price promotions - and 9 other things Marketers should avoid. – Shared by Laura Baehr, Vice President Marketing at thinkTV, Canada

Seth Godin Says This is the Best Way to Avoid Mediocre Marketing

Marketing by committee through corporate compromise is a surefire way to mediocrity. Customers have specific needs that need a targeted focused approach. – Shared by Helena Tigert, Head of Consumer Credit Products at Visa

define: Brand

As true today as it was then. A brand is so much more than design elements - it's the full customer experience - "...expectations, memories, stories and relationships...". – Shared by Sandra Daniel, Vice President, Health & Wellness Service at Shoppers Drug Mart

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