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Blockchain Doesn’t Matter. Here’s Why

Here’s the first rule of blockchain UX: Users don’t really care about blockchain. – Shared by Laurence Metrick, President, TrailerWorks.

Why Effective Measurement Requires a Mature Marketing Organization

In this era of performance driven marketing, the ability to define marketing ROI is paramount. They key is how we define results and our ability to measure success is directly tied to the maturity of our marketing organization overall. – Shared by Brian Carey, Director Customer Marketing at Rogers Communications

Four Key Ways To Keep Your Brand Fresh And Relevant

Rebranding a company can be a challenge as it takes time, effort and resources that might not always immediately translate into numbers; however, it is important to keep your brand relevant and accurate for your target audience. Here are 4 ways you can refresh your brand without going back to the drawing board. – Shared by Mary Pompili, VP Marketing & Communications, Villa Charities

Media Optimization: 7 Tips to Optimize your budget

Has an increased focus on cost-cutting and lowest-possible-CPMs obscured the quest for good value? Marketers need to change the conversation and optimize their media budget by choosing media based on value and strength. Ipsos provides seven key insights to help do just that. – Shared by Laura Baehr, Vice President Marketing at thinkTV, Canada

Fwd to CEO: The Most Valuable Business Tool Ever Invented

And one that provides slides we can all "steal" for our next presentation to the C-Suite: Time to stop just ",,,selling the magic but forgetting the logic." – Shared by Diana Conconi, SVP & Partner, Kaiser-Lachance Communications

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