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Effectiveness in Context

Peter Field and Les Binet’s latest report, Effectiveness in Context, explores the damage being done as companies increasingly cut long-term brand investment in favour of short-term sales activation, and highlights how the '60/40 rule' changes depending on the context. – Shared by Laura Baehr, Vice President Marketing at thinkTV, Canada

8 Proven Ways to Grow Brand Awareness – Fast

Lots of practical tips for any business to consider for growing brand awareness quickly.– Shared by Sandra Daniel, Vice President, Health & Wellness Service at Shoppers Drug Mart

11 Trends That Will Shape Marketing In 2019

Building brand awareness and successfully interacting with consumers is a crucial part of doing business. Here are 11 effective and innovative methods for improving consumer interactions and brand awareness. – Shared by Mary Pompili, VP Marketing & Communications, Villa Charities

Binet Highlights Importance of Brand Building

The importance of balancing activation (short-term) with brand building (long-term); too many companies have placed too much emphasis on the short term; “brand building is more important in a digital world than it is in the old economy”. – Shared by Laura Baehr, Vice President Marketing at thinkTV, Canada

If it Ain't Broke - Why Not?

Interesting perspective on the "...psychological (brand) sweet spots hiding away in the much less-cluttered space of imperfection." – Shared by Diana Conconi, SVP & Partner, Kaiser-Lachance Communications

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