Three Questions to Ask Your Brand Strategy: Authentic, Multi-channel, Strategic

By: Amy-Louise Tracey, Communications Manager at CNW Group

Marketers understand that effective branding is crucial for their organization, but will often be deprioritized in favour of product lines and overall growth strategy.

But in a web-driven world, customers are developing brand loyalty much differently. The way they research and interact with brands has changed, and companies can’t afford to lose sight of their brand.  “Issuing releases at key milestones in your company’s growth is no longer enough to keep your brand in circulation,” says Ken Wincko, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Cision and PR Newswire.

With 88 per cent of customers suggesting that online content has a large impact of their choice of vendor and purchasing decisions, companies can’t afford to not be sharing their story on multiple channels. This means being active social, blog, and within content marketing programs in order to maximize brand awareness.

How can marketers be sure they are doing this properly? By asking these three key questions:

1. Do you have an authentic brand story?
Brand authenticity means being accurate and consistent with its story and messages. It also means spreading it across the organization. If employees are empowered and believe in the brand, they will naturally become ambassadors and strengthen the story.

2. How is your story being shared?
Find out what channels your target audience likes to use and make sure your brand is active there. Consider a multi-channel approach to reach customers with messages that are unique to each platform. Your Twitter followers will differ from your blog subscribers, which will differ from your news release recipients.

3. Is this story the right one for your organization?
By right, we mean, “Is it effective?” Does it help your company achieve its bottom-line? Know what will resonate with your audiences by listening to them online. Assess their passions and pain points and see where your brand can fit into that narrative.

Consistent and reinforced branding across multi-channel platforms builds credibility and will help make your company top-of-mind for consumers. Strategic branding should become a core business function and will ultimately generate demand and revenue if executed effectively.

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