Top Reads in Customer Experience from CMA’s CX Council #1

Why is the integration of marketing and customer experience so important? How is Airbnb’s customer experience disrupting travel and hospitality? How do we close the gap between what consumers want and what they get? What are the top trends shaping the future of customer experience in 2018?

Check out our first round-up of Top Reads in Customer Experience and don’t miss out on CMAcx: May 8

The State of Canadian Ecommerce 2018

Digital marketing & SEO agency, Ayima, partnered with marketing research company Insights West to survey 1,000+ Canadian consumers to gain insights into online browsing and buying. In this report you can learn more about what the major barriers to conversion are and discover how Canadians shop online.

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Strategy = Choices plus Capabilities plus Creativity

The key to moving your business forward, whether you are a small emerging company, or a large organization, is building a strategy. Pearl Strategy & Innovation Design shares their strategic framework to help get you started.

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Small Business Owners Drinking Cocktails with Cargo

The best way to get to know someone, is over drinks. So, Cargo sat down with four Small Business Owners (SBOs) to dive into their mindsets, with the ultimate goal of learning how brands can most effectively reach this highly passionate target market.

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The Four Biggest Takeaways from Shoptalk 2018

For those in the retail and ecommerce sector, Shoptalk, is the go-to conference covering ongoing transformations in the industry and the evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy in a digital age. This year’s event revealed that data, analytics and technology are the keys to delivering the best customer experience.

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