Top Reads in Customer Experience from CMA’s CX Council #1

CMA’s Customer Experience Council has generated this list of top reads in customer experience from across the web.

The Integration of Marketing and Customer Experience
Delivering customer experience will be the key facet of marketing strategies as companies focus more personalized content. Social media and messaging offer ways of engaging the customer at key moments of truth. – Shared by Baijul Shukla, MBA, CM, Director Member Services and Strategic Partners, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

How Airbnb’s Customer Experience Disrupts Travel and Hospitality
Industry disruptors are often seen as challengers to traditional organisations, but what can you learn from them to optimise your own CX strategy? The secret to Airbnb's customer service skill hinges on keeping tabs with social media and taking advantage of opportunities to connect with customers in a way that isn't strictly business. They go to great lengths to make their customers feel special. – Shared by Lori Cohen, Head of Marketing, KPI Digital

Closing the Gap between What Consumers Want and What They Get
According to PwC’s Consumer Intelligence series, “Experience is everything,” 80% of Canadians prefer to interact with a human. There are many ways brands can connect with people in a more meaningful way, even as the use of technology increases. – Shared by John Chan, Managing Director, Pearl Strategy & Innovation Design Inc.

Five Trends Shaping the Future of Customer Experience In 2018
This article not only discusses 5 trends shaping the Customer Experience for 2018 it highlights the most important element of a customer experience strategy and that is executive ownership and the contribution a customer experience strategy makes to an organization is realized differently than other more traditional initiatives. The 5 trends outlined in the article demonstrate how technology can enable the customer experience by adding value through simplification, time savings and personalization. Enjoy the read. – Shared by Shannon Burch, Director Business Support and Operational Projects, Scotiabank

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