Top Three Marketing Aha’s of 2011

While everyone is preparing their objectives and to-do lists for 2012, I thought I would first start with the key moments of truth I experienced in 2011. Upon reflection, I came up with three.

Content Remains King Nothing earth shattering here but an important concept to keep in mind as we race to be the most creative, the most innovative and the one that really stands out. We can do all of that but if our content isn’t relevant and engaging, we will sell no widgets.

Coolest Title of the Year – CCEO Chief Customer Experience Officer seems to be the new “C Suite” title as I met a few in 2011. I applaud the focus being put to customer experience and am most intrigued at where these CCEOs are coming from. The three I met in 2011 had all risen through different functions in a corporation: From IT, Customer Service/Operations and Marketing. And they all reported into different areas – none directly to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). My own crystal ball forecasts a continuing focus on customer experience and I would like to think that more marketers will embrace the expanded role of ensuring engaging and relevant relationships with current and prospective customers.

Social Media is Still a Playground While we’ve all likely heard of a few social media aha moments, overall, the playing field remains wide open and I don’t believe anyone has unlocked the true potential of this new media. What we did see in 2011 is many more companies entering the playground and interacting on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook (among others). I’m hoping that in 2012 we will learn more about the infrastructure necessary and the need to actually target in this wide open space. A solid strategy with metrics and measurability will be key to sustaining spending support. Dawn Marchand


  • Dawn Marchand said

    Daniel - thank you for your post and affirmation. Brook - good point and I agree that as marketers, we should be very concerned about ensuring a positive customer experience. However, I have seen studies and have experienced myself where, as marketers, we are unable to truly affect change in this area because we have limited influence and no control over IT resources and front line staff - both of which are crucial to ensuring a positive and consistent customer experience. And try to do something innovative in this regard from a marketing-campaign standpoint? Forget about it! Shining a brighter light on this function by making it C level is a step forward I believe and I also think it is up to marketers to strive for these roles. It is a natural extension of our mandate, puts us at the table and allows us to more fully use our abilities to affect company-wide results and customer engagement.

  • Kim said

    Great post. I agree on on all fronts but especially the social media front. Now that executives have a better understanding of social media, I they'll make better progress in terms of really harnessing social media and creating a rock-solid business case.

  • Daniel Milstein said

    That is true. As an author and business man, I can relate to how you said, "I applaud the focus being put to customer experience and am most intrigued at where these CCEOs are coming from". I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you're talking about. Can't wait to read more from you!

  • Brook Johnston said

    I don't get the whole "CCEO" thing. Aren't we all, as marketers, supposedly focused on improving customer experience? Isn't that the whole point?

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