Changes to Canada's Privacy Laws Looming

Major announcements this week called for immediately developing a national data strategy and amending Canada’s private-sector privacy law. The Canadian government announced that it plans to develop a data strategy to address current consumer privacy concerns by finding the right balance between supporting innovation and protecting privacy interests. A parliamentary committee also called for amendments to privacy law, such as providing consumers with more transparency and giving the Privacy Commissioner additional enforcement powers.

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How to Focus Your Efforts on the Right Social Media Channels

Whether you’re working in a large agency, a startup, a small business or you are building your personal brand, focusing your efforts on a few social media platforms, rather than all of them, can be the best strategy to meet your goals. Emily Baillie, CMA Digital Council Member and Professor at Humber College, shares a few tips to help figure out which channels to use, and which ones to pass on.

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Must Reads from CMA's Digital Marketing Council #52

What is Twitch and why is it making Amazon tighten its grip on live streams of video games? How does Instagram’s new algorithm work? How are publishers bridging their Instagram and Facebook audiences using cross-posting techniques? What is Amazon Echo? Why has Salesforce and Google ramped up their data sharing partnership?

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Craft Beer Consumption in Canada

Over 5 million adults in Canada have consumed microbrewery or craft beer in the past month. Who are these ale aficionados? NLogic used their spring 2018 RTS (Numeris) data to uncover beer consumption trends, compare consumption by province and explore some of their other habits.

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The Latest CX Data Builds an Even Stronger Case For A ‘Connected Learnings’ Approach

Phase 5 recently talked about using the concept of “Connected Learnings” to understand what’s important to customers, the reasons why and how to develop the right strategy in response. Some recent research from the CMO Council underscores just how vital it has become for organizations to get started.

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