Understanding Web Accessibility – Why You Need to Listen Up!

Understanding Web Accessibility – Why You Need to Listen Up!

The Web plays a major role in society. When the Web is accessible, many people with disabilities can communicate, interact, and shop online much more easily than in the physical world. Web accessibility is also important for businesses who want to reach as many consumers interested in their products and services as possible.

How can businesses benefit from becoming more accessible on the web?
Why is it important for your business to embrace digital accessibility, and what do you have to lose by not making your business accessible? In short, a lot!

See these short videos that CMA created to highlight the importance of accessibility:


Accessibility offers new market opportunities for businesses. For example, greater accessibility can bring up to $1.6 billion in new spending for our tourism sector and up to $9.6 billion for our retail sector. An accessible website is often the easiest way to do business with many people with disabilities, for example, people who cannot read print material, people who have difficulty getting to a physical store, and others. Accessible websites also work better for older users with age-related accessibility needs.

I’m an Ontario business. What are my legal responsibilities?
Organizations also need to consider their legal obligations. Contravening the law potentially leads to financial penalties, as well as a negative impact on your brand. Ontario has laws to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Learn about the standards you need to follow and reporting deadlines for complying with accessibility requirements by checking out the Ontario Government’s website at www.ontario.ca/accessibility.

More Information
Join several accessibility experts (including a three-time Paralympian) at this upcoming event on January 25 to get valuable insights for your organizations:

Accessible Conversations in Marketing, Part 1 Roundtable


Accessible Conversations in Marketing - Part I (Free). Part II will follow on March 8.

CMA’s Accessibility Hub also offers a wide-range of information on how to incorporate accessibility into your business plan.


Author: CMA’s Government Affairs Team

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