Here’s What the Martech Council Talked About This Month

The CMA’s new Martech Council provides thought leadership and insights to help marketers understand how to operate in the “new” through the use of technology, and is a leading source of information exploring evolving trends, human implications, business outcomes, and forward thinking leadership. Here is a glimpse into the topics they discussed at their November meeting: 

Stephen Ghigliotty, the CMA’s Director, Curriculum Development, opened the session with a overview of the structure and approach for the development of the CMA Chartered Marketer curriculum. The review sparked a conversation regarding the unique approach the CMA is taking to applied learning and how the curriculum truly needs to cater to a vast audience of personas from those in small business all the way up to Enterprise. For more information about the Chartered Marketer Designation, click here.

Shawn Mandel, the Chief Digital Officer @TELUS, took the council through a deep dive of the Digital TELUS technology platform. While the conversation broke down the key elements of the stack: design, content, intelligence, services and delivery, the discussion quickly turned towards the ecosystem of practices and processes the team has wrapped around the technology and how that is arguably more important than the technology itself.

Last but not least Geoff Linton, the CEO of Inbox Marketer, led a discussion about the scope of the Martech Council. This centered around the fact there are many interpretations of what defines ‘martech’. Is e-commerce included? What about DSPs? We started with the basics and identified the need for a lexicon to drive clarity on the various components that comprise an organization's digital platform. We agreed that regardless of the actual definition, it is crucial to highlight the need for all elements of the stack to work in concert with each other... all the way from ‘Ad-tech’ to a organization’s core data infrastructure or data supply chain.

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