CMA is Evolving

The #1 Marketing Association in Canada

CMA is very excited to move our brand and offerings forward to more closely align with the constantly-changing needs of marketers in Canada, both at a practitioner and a senior marketer level. 


Specifically, we’ve been focused on 5 key items:

1. Website Refresh

We’ve re-launched our website this spring to make our content more readily available and sharable.  All online content is available to any employee of a CMA member organization.  This includes a lot of the marketing advocacy work that we deliver, such as with new CASL compliance support last year for our members.  Plus, we created a new C-Suite Hub for senior marketers to share latest insights, perspectives and thought leadership.

Online Education

We’re moving even more of our education online so it’s available for all Canadians coast-to-coast to learn with CMA, the leading marketing educator in the country (measured by number of marketing students in a NFP marketing association).  Let’s be clear, this is not your average screen sharing – it’s an immersive and engaging experience waiting for you.  Your company might even pay for it, so check out the CMA calendar.

Marketing Intel

We’re revamping our marketing research and intel so as to provide you with cutting-edge insights, perspectives and case studies faster and more conveniently than ever from Canadian marketing leaders.  Plus, we’re crafting new infographics for quick snapshots of our more robust content that are easily digestible and sharable.

4. Events & Awards

We’re delivering even more compelling speakers and content on-stage via our events and experiences, and once again this year, the CMA Awards lets you join 1,500 friends to celebrate Canada’s best marketing work.


5. Brand Consistency

We’ve tightened up our brand so when you see CMA in print, on stage or online, you’ll know right away it’s from your trusted source, supported by leading sponsors and partners.  From our various competitive landscape and consumer studies, we know that CMA is a brand that marketers and consumers trust.


As we move forward, we must thank our Evolution Creative Partner, Reality Engine, who conceived and executed the CMA Evolve campaign elements, including digital and print components nationally.  From their Strategy Director, Bruce Symbalisty, regarding the inspiration for the campaign:

“A hand on the shoulder, a pat on the back, a friendly wave, an excited thumbs up - the million and one ways hands encourage and support, express camaraderie, convey emotions and reveal personality. This led to the campaign “Helping Hands” which symbolizes the CMA (our role; our foundations and experiences; our events, education, intel, advocacy; our community) as we support and defend the cause of marketing.”

“An idea crumpled up but not tossed away - every idea, every concept we’ve ever physically thrown out never really leaves us. It’s part of our fabric, our experience, our growth, our maturity.  It represents that we were brave enough to begin with to put an idea out there that could be rejected. Brave is the heart of the marketer: it's what inspires us, excites us, unites us; what we need to succeed; what we share in common. This led to crumple as the unifying texture of the campaign.”

Tim Bishop, VP Marketing & Member Engagement, Canadian Marketing Association