CMA Awards Gala 2019

Cindy Wong

Recipient of the CMA 2020 Marketer of the Year Award


Cindy Wong has spent 30 years in marketing and business leadership roles at HSBC. As the Regional Head of Marketing for HSBC North America, Wong leads with courage and curiosity, always representing the voice of the brand’s customers.

Wong began her career at HSBC straight out of school and has progressed through the organization with roles in the commercial, retail, private banking, and brokerage departments. Now, she oversees a team of 70 in Canada and sits on the Global HSBC leadership team representing North America. She is the first Canadian to hold this role. As an executive stakeholder, she is a vital contributor to the development of the business strategy and plays a pivotal role in driving growth and managing risk.

Professional accomplishments

Wong is a progressive leader who has driven significant growth for HSBC, constantly seeking new avenues to make a meaningful impact.

Wong is known within HSBC for making bold moves and shifting marketing strategies to bolster brand awareness and drive product sales. She is a prime example of how Canadian marketers have ideas, skills and ambitions far bigger than our nation’s modest market size. Under her direction, HSBC Canada’s marketing campaigns have won international awards, earned international media coverage and aired in global markets.

2019 was an award-winning year for Wong and her team. Some of their achievements include:

  • HSBC Global Marketing Team of the Year
  • GOLD Marketing Award: Welcome Mat
  • CMA GOLD Award: Welcome Mat
  • CMA GOLD Award: Let’s Meet 1 to 26
  • CMA BRONZE Award: HSBC Opera

Additional details

Wong is passionate about mentorship for women, using her success as a female leader to share her experience and inspire other women in the industry. With her encouragement and endorsement, several of her female team members have taken on global roles within HSBC in Dubai, Hong Kong and London. She also serves as a sponsor in HSBC’s Accelerating Female Leaders Programme.

Wong is the Executive Chair of the Asia-Pacific Indo Canadian committee for Eastern Canada. Under her leadership, this committee organizes engaging events to help members build and grow their networks.

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