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CMA is excited to launch the CMA Café, presented by Mastercard, to serve and engage Canadian marketing leaders:

  • CMA Corporate Member access only
  • Director-level and above
  • Complimentary
  • Hosted by seasoned marketing leaders
  • Attend in-person, small group conversations called Office Hours
  • For more details, here’s everything you need to know



October 1 | Toronto
John Boynton, CEO, Torstar Corp
"How to Advance to the C-Suite: VP/CMO/COO/CEO"

October 8 | Toronto
Stephan Sigaud, EVP Marketing & Dev at Phase 5
"CX Measurement Best Practices"

October 21 | Toronto
Ron Tite, Founder & CEO at Church + State
"WOKE IS BROKE: The challenge of articulating meaningful and relevant corporate purpose and balancing the role it plays in marketing."

November 13 | Toronto
Susan Weaver, Pearl Strategy & Innovation Design
"Health & Wellness"

November 26 | Toronto
Miki Velemirovich, President, The Cargo Agency
"Artificial intelligence and machine learning in B2B marketing"

Get started

  1. Sign Up for the CMA Café, presented by Mastercard
  2. Create your brief profile with Ten Thousand Coffees, our partner platform
  3. Select your preferred Office Hours via the link in the left nav

The CMA Café, presented by Mastercard, is an excellent opportunity for marketing leaders to expand their network and participate in an open, roundtable discussion with other marketing leaders.

Events feature a CMO or marketing leader who will host a breakfast event (an “Office Hour”) at her or his office with a curated group of up to 10 marketing leaders. Attendees will engage in a roundtable discussion on a current topic and includes aspirational messages from the host about their career journey.

The Ten Thousand Coffees networking and mentoring platform, a Canadian business success story, is being leveraged to fulfill the delivery of both attendee and host experiences via an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

This initiative builds on the success of our highly-attended CMAideas Executive Event Series, which continues in 2019.


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