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CMAideas is a two-part member-only exclusive series tailored to an executive level audience. This complimentary experience series features intriguing and provocative keynote speakers sharing their take on a marketing “hot topic”.

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September 10 | Online

Unlocking deep marketing insight by connecting online behaviour to the offline world.


On September 10, 2020, engage with a leading customer engagement, innovation consultant author and thought leader, Sean Moffitt Featuring excerpts from his book, Futureproofing Next: The Future Beyond Innovation, Sean will engage in a discussion regarding the required manifesto for a different future, a field guide for what works, profiles and interviews of the change vanguard and a treasure chest of 70+ tools and landscapes for considering what’s next for your brand.

In recent years, CMAideas has covered key topics that executives care about:

  • Unlocking deep marketing insights by connecting the online behaviour of Canadian consumers to the offline world
  • Deconstructing the media divide with guest experts from a traditional publisher and a global digital disruption guru
  • Unveiling proprietary Canadian digital marketing insights and trends based on the annual Digital Marketing Pulse Survey
  • The latest insights on the Canadian multicultural consumer along with practical tips on developing a multicultural strategy