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Engage with and hear from leaders in the marketing and tech spaces

CMA has evolved this event to become a free-for-members virtual experience to support the marketing community during this unprecedented time. Enjoy 20-minute thought leadership sessions plus a moderated panel discussion.

July 7, 2020
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET

Members: Free
Non-Members: $49


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The digital era has drastically transformed the marketing profession. Today, in the age of experience and personalization, we lead and work alongside data scientists, analysts and IT professionals. Our route to differentiation is getting the right content, to the right individual, through the right channel, in the right moment.   

Marketing and technology are integral to success. As modern-day marketers, we need to not just invest in the right technology, but also ensure that we have the skills, process and people to execute.  During this event, we will have a robust line up of speakers who will cover:

  • First-hand case studies on digital transformation
  • Tools and techniques to upskill teams and accelerate the pace of learning
  • The role and value of internal change agents


Agenda & Speakers

10:00 AM
Opening Remarks
10:10 AM
Consumer loyalty in the decade of the ‘Never Normal’

Covid-19 will have a sustainable impact on consumer attitudes, behaviours and purchasing habits. The enforced shift during the worst of the pandemic to virtual working, consuming and socializing will fuel a massive and further shift to virtual activity for everything. To survive, organizations will need to redefine relationships with consumers, customers and employees and reimagine their ways of working.

Through this, brands have the opportunity to take a more mindful approach to data collection, while designing a holistic customer experience. For many years, consumption patterns have been based on traditional demographic segments like age, gender, location, income or family status. We now see the rise of “purpose” in customer choice-making, which factors in lifestyles and mindsets. Brands are under a new pressure to reinvent themselves to maintain their appeal.

During this session, Accenture’s Dale Port will discuss intelligent data-driven operating models and the value in pivoting from engagement strategies focused on driving sales or transactions in the short-term, to embedding the brand into customers’ lives – ultimately driving consumer loyalty and competitive advantages, both short and long term.

Dale PortDale Port
GTM Lead, Delivery Experience

Dale Port is Accenture’s GTM lead for Delivery Experience across Canada.  He has over 2 decades of experience delivering ecommerce and digital marketing solutions for clients, both here at home and internationally.  He lives in Toronto suburbs with his wife, two children and a dog named Ben - who harbors a deep enmity for doorbells, nail clippers and uncarpeted flooring.

10:35 AM
Insights on demand: How research virtualization puts data at your fingertips

The rise of a blended approach to market research – one that combines traditional marketing research methodology with emerging technologies – means more companies can access real-time insights around consumer behavior and preferences. From using animated personas to AI-powered interviewers, learn how, by virtualizing their market research efforts, brands are able to bring innovation and consumer-driven products to markets more quickly than ever.

In this forward-thinking talk, Raj will explore new innovations in research tech and applications of AI technology that have inspired the next generation of market research. He’ll also be exploring successful ways brands are using virtualization to collect more dynamic feedback from their customers.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Successful ways brands are blending new technology to collect more dynamic feedback from their customers
  2. Ways that virtualization can reinvigorate your research approach, sharpen research efforts and course-correct at a fraction of the cost
  3. How brands are embedding research tech into their marketing process to create authentic consumer experiences

Raj ManochaRaj Manocha
Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer, Raj has played a pivotal role in developing Methodify, Delvinia’s research automation platform and has led the international expansion of the company’s data collection services. He is also responsible for the sales and commercialization efforts across Delvinia’s business solutions, all of which are focused on innovative data collection.

Raj is chair to the board of the international chapter of the Insights Association. He is also on the advisory board of the Master of Science in Marketing Research Program (MSMR) at Michigan State University where he aims to use his leadership and knowledge to develop the next generation of business and marketing leaders.

11:00 AM
Corona x Adtech: By the numbers

A global pandemic is magnifying both flaws and opportunities within adtech. With the foundation seemingly shaken in so many areas, which trends stick and which require long term adaptation?

In a wide ranging talk, Reagan will cover cross-sector media impact, consumer behaviour changes and financial ramifications, with tangible actions marketers can take to stay on top of their objectives while aligning to new realities.

Key Takeaways

  • How COVID-19 is impacting advertising & adtech
  • Best practices to stay nimble and agile
  • Striking the balance between data and intuition

Reagan ZuzarteReagan Zuzarte


Reagan Zuzarte has spent 15 years answering the moving-target questions for several industries, as the founder of Impacting over $150M of transactions in the few years has provided several data-driven insights and hard-won lessons.

11:25 AM
Implementation, Change Management & Training

Help! I bought my Martech Stack, now what do I do? This scenario is far too common in many marketing organizations, and with the recent movement to remote working, many organizations are focused on accelerating the impact of their martech investment.

To help navigate this challenge, the CMA Martech Council will lead a panel discussion on what happens after contracts are signed with the software vendors and how organizations can achieve success when rolling out marketing technologies. The conversation will include:

  • Implementation best practices and recommendations
  • Accelerating and demonstrating the ROI from a martech investment
  • Change management within virtual organizations
  • First-hand digital transformation stories and change agent examples

Luxy ThuraisingamLuxy Thuraisingam (Moderator)
VP Growth Marketing Canada


As Vice President of Growth Marketing for Canada, Luxy provides leadership and hands-on management to define marketing strategy development and field execution, in collaboration with Americas Marketing & Communications leadership team, and the broader global marketing community. She is passionate about creating and leading winning teams, who collaborate, bring their best selves to deliver exceptional business results.

Outside of the office, Luxy finds ways to give back to the community by teaching, being an active member of the Canadian Marketing Council, or getting involved in various boards as an advisor. When she’s not working, Luxy enjoys spending time with her husband and twins, travelling near and far.

Luxy received her Hons. BSc from the University of Toronto and was awarded her MBA from the University of London in England.

Brady Hambleton Brady Hambleton
Vice President, Marketing, Engagement and Analytics
Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations

Brady Hambleton has been involved in the fundraising industry for 15 years and couldn’t imagine any other career. His passion for the health and well-being of Canadians is evident in nearly all of his professional roles, including his current one as Vice President, Marketing, Engagement and Analytics for Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations – a national network of 13 children’s hospital foundations. In this start-up not-for-profit, Brady has built and launched a new organizational brand, digital ecosystem, campaign framework and data warehousing and analytics infrastructure to future-proof a data-driven organization. Previously, Brady was national Director, Direct Marketing at Heart & Stroke, where he launched a number of new campaigns and giving products, along with being a member of the core brand re-launch team. Brady started his healthcare philanthropy journey as Manager, Annual & Planned Giving at Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation. And in the early years of his career, he held various roles at the University of Toronto, from Donor Services Officer to Senior Development Officer in Planned Giving and Capital Campaign at Victoria University, in the University of Toronto. Brady is a huge lifelong learner and constant advocate for professional development and learning. He is currently pursuing ongoing graduate education in data science and analytics and serves as Chair, Not-for-Profit Council with the Canadian Marketing Association. He is also a graduate of the University of Toronto.

Dan Radu Dan Radu

Dan Radu leads Macro, an Adobe Partner helping companies create magical customer experiences through the orchestration of MarTech, CRM, people, processes, content and data.

Miki Velemirovich Miki Velemirovich

Miki Velemirovich is the President of Cargo, a full-service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in helping big brands market to small businesses. Cargo is an expert in the Business to Small Business space coining the term B2SB Marketing®️. Prior to joining Cargo, Miki spent 20 years with big brands like IBM and Mercedes-Benz, in a variety of sales and marketing roles so he understands how to build strategies that drive real business results to win in the market. And this same experience enables him to understand the pain points of big brands trying to market to small businesses: while leading marketing for the commercial vehicle division of Mercedes-Benz, he spent countless hours understanding the motivations, behaviours and the drivers of small business owners in order to reach them more successfully. Now, his quest persists - to continue to build the Business to Small Business Expertise and help big brands be more successful in reaching this highly emotional target.

11:50 AM
Closing Remarks and Q&A

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