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October 20, 2020
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET

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Research shows that trust and transparency are crucial to the customer experience, especially when it comes to how personal data is being collected, used and shared. Join us to discuss the privacy impact of data-driven marketing, and how you can stay within the rules.

The last year has seen many important privacy developments. Following the release of Canada’s Digital Charter, Canada is facing the most significant changes to its privacy law in decades. Marketers have been adjusting to new rules for data breach reporting and guidelines for meaningful consent. Across the border, California’s Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) came into effect, leaving many Canadian organizations concerned about its extra-territorial reach and hefty fines.

Join us during Data Privacy Week to discuss the impact of these recent developments, and how you can strengthen your relationships with consumers by empowering them to make informed choices about their personal information.

Attendees will:

  • Learn about research on consumer attitudes towards privacy.
  • Hear from top government and privacy experts on where the law is headed.
  • Learn tips and practical guidance for marketers to meet the challenges of privacy compliance while growing and deepening relationships with customers.
  • Gain insights about how international developments, such as the GDPR and California’s CCPA, affect Canadian marketing practices.
  • Hear insights on the privacy risks and opportunities presented by emerging marketing technologies.


Opening Remarks
10:10 AM
What Canadian Consumers Think

Deepen your relationships with customers by giving them what they want. The data-driven economy is a game-changer, offering significant benefits to Canadians, but also raising questions about how personal data is being collected, used and shared.

This panel will explore the latest research on Canadian consumer perspectives towards privacy among different stakeholder groups, and what this means for marketers looking to build consumer trust.

10:35 AM
Key Things a CMO Needs to Know about Privacy Rules

Panel experts will distill 10 key things you need to know about privacy and regulatory developments, including meaningful consent, email marketing, behavioural advertising, data breach reporting and more.

The session will also explore the practical impacts on Canadian marketers of rules in other jurisdictions, such as the GDPR and California’s CCPA.

Jordan ProkopyJordan Prokopy
National Privacy Practice Leader

Jordan is a Partner for PwC Canada and leads the National Privacy Practice. She has a passion for helping companies unlock data value and innovation while inspiring the customer trust and confidence needed to enable it.

Before PwC, Jordan led the Information Protection program for Target Canada. This included managing data protection and CASL programs, defining and executing program strategy and management, and partnering across the business to embed a strong data protection culture and drive better data use decisions to enable data-driven initiatives and strategic business priorities.

Jordan is a dynamic and energetic speaker presenting and publishing on several topics including the privacy implications of Artificial Intelligence, interest based advertising and trusted data optimization.

Suzanne CostaSuzanne Costa
Chief Operations Officer

Suzanne is no stranger to growing companies.

Prior to joining Delvinia, she spent more than eight years transforming Research Now into one of the largest global leaders in data capture. Taking inspiration from her entrepreneurial father, she helps companies build the talent and operational foundation needed to inspire, innovate and commercialize quality products.

Her deep interest in identifying and developing leaders is rooted in authenticity—guiding people to become the authors of their own careers. For Delvinia, that means nurturing the talent needed to innovate the market research industry in ways we’ve yet to imagine.

Outside of the office, Suzanne is an ardent supporter of the Toronto Humane Society. She and her husband are the proud owners of two frisky cats, Leonard and Josie, and one lovable dog, Pepe.

11:00 AM
Regulator Keynote: Daniel Therrien, Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Daniel TherrienDaniel Therrien was appointed Privacy Commissioner of Canada on June 5, 2014 after three decades serving Canadians as a lawyer with various federal departments where human rights issues were important.

Commissioner Therrien has said that the over-arching goal of his mandate is to increase the control Canadians have over their personal information. Shortly after his appointment, Commissioner Therrien was plunged into the debate over a new cyberbullying bill, legislation to reform Canada’s federal private sector privacy law and a review of the RCMP’s lawful access practices. He has also championed privacy rights in the public debate over national security and public safety, and led research and investigations into privacy issues that go to the heart of consumer trust and confidence. Commissioner Therrien has identified new strategic privacy priorities and strategic approaches that will guide the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s work in the coming years, and has spoken publicly on a range of privacy issues throughout Canada and around the world. He values collaboration and consultation and works with public and private sector stakeholders, academia, civil society organizations, consumer groups and individuals to help improve privacy protections for Canadians.

Commissioner Therrien began his career practising correctional law for the Department of the Solicitor General, the Correctional Service of Canada and the National Parole Board. He then practised immigration law at the Department of Justice and Citizenship and Immigration Canada, becoming Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Public Safety, Defence and Immigration Portfolio at the Department of Justice in 2005. In that capacity, Commissioner Therrien had a leadership role in giving legal advice to government on public safety and national security issues. He was also instrumental in negotiating the adoption of privacy principles governing the sharing of information between Canada and the U.S. under the Beyond the Border accord.

Commissioner Therrien holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Licence en droit from the University of Ottawa. He was called to the Quebec Bar in 1981.

11:25 AM
Privacy and Emerging Tech: Towards a New Canadian Privacy Law

What changes are on the horizon that will impact our privacy regime? The Government of Canada plans to move forward with updates to Canada’s privacy law, PIPEDA, including a new set of online rights for Canadians. Panel experts will offer insights on what this means for marketers, and how privacy rules will keep up with the emerging technologies that are transforming marketing, including AI, blockchain, IoT and more.

11:50 AM
Closing Remarks and Q&A

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