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Chartered Marketer Program

The recently launched Chartered Marketer Program provides in-depth knowledge of campaign development, financial management, communications planning, emerging trends, and more!


Senior Marketer Path

Do you have 10 years or more of marketing experience? Apply to receive your CM designation until December 31, 2018 (all application components must be received ahead of the deadline)



Own Your Marketing Career

Why Choose the CM Program?

The Chartered Marketer Program sets a new standard for marketing professionals.

The program is designed by Canada’s leading professionals who have experience in both marketing and education and examines the transformative facets of marketing. In bridging the diverse course content with innovative online teaching methods, the CM aims to create impressive marketing professionals who will change the marketing landscape.

Learn crucial soft skills, increase your confidence, and boost your agility.


The Chartered Marketer Program





Step 1: Review Documents & Apply to the CM Program



  • Read to apply? Download, complete and submit your CM Program Application Form 
  • Provide payment information for the non-refundable application fee ($200)
  • Request a copy of your official academic transcript for your degree/diploma (and prerequisite course credit, if not the same as degree/diploma in cases of continuing education)

Once you have submitted your application CMA will send you two confirmation emails – one when your application and fee are received and one when your transcript is received. The second email will provide details regarding the status of your application and next steps.


Step 2: Chartered Marketer Prep Course

Have you applied to the CM Program and been accepted? Review the course information below

The Prep Course is a self-directed online course. You can move at your own pace through the six modules. Presented through an interactive, electronic textbook, you complete each module by taking a quiz and finish the course with a final exam.

To enrol for the Prep Course, or for additional information and questions, please feel free to reach out us at:


Early 2019 Window

Enrol Betweeen:
Jan 21 - March 11, 2019

Delivery Method:
Member: $595
Non-Member: $795


Need more details before registering?

For full program details download the Chartered Marketer Overview & FAQs document or reach out to us at

Download Complete Program Overview & FAQs


How Will the CM Program Help My Marketing Career?

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