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What is the Chartered Marketer Designation?

The Chartered Marketer (CM) designation recognizes the top marketing talent in Canada.

As a standardized, nationally-recognized and continuous formal training program, the Chartered Marketer designation allows you to commit to your professional growth, manage your skill development and invest in your career.

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Why should I become a Chartered Marketer?

  • Gain national recognition as a top marketing professional
  • Demonstrate a consistent, high standard to inspire future talent
  • Continually invest in your skill development
  • Manage your career path with accountability
  • Assert the value of marketing as a credible profession


Am I eligible?

For a limited time only (until Dec. 31, 2018), senior marketers have the opportunity to apply for the Chartered Marketer designation ahead of the Chartered Marketer comprehensive program launch.

Do you have a minimum of 10 years’ senior marketing experience? And either

  • Hold an executive or senior marketing position in an organization with responsibility for any but not necessarily all of budgets, staffing and administrative oversight, or
  • Work at a senior or executive level in an advertising/marketing firm, research firm or marketing consulting firm, or
  • Teach marketing and/or related courses at a post-secondary institution.

To see if you qualify, download the CM Application Instructions or contact us.


How do I apply?

CM Application
(PDF Download)

Step 1: Submit your Application

To become a Chartered Marketer:

  • Review the CM Application Instructions 
  • Download, complete, and save the CM Application Form (PDF) according to the naming conventions provided
  • Submit by email the following documentation to CMA:
    • Your resume/CV (PDF)
    • Your completed CM Application Form (PDF)
  • Arrange to have letters of reference from two business associates sent to CMA
Step 2: Complete Required Ethics for Marketers On-Demand Course

Once your completed application form, application fee and reference letters have been received, your application will be considered and reviewed by a committee of your peers.

If your application is approved, you will be asked to take a short online Ethics for Marketers On-Demand Course.

Step 3: Receive the Chartered Marketer Designation

Upon successful completion of the Ethics for Marketers On-Demand Course, you will be granted the right to use the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation by the Canadian Marketing Association, which you can use for up to one year. If your application is not approved, you will receive a formal email indicating what steps you can take in order to be eligible for the designation in the future.

To retain the Chartered Marketer designation, you will be required to maintain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, abide by the Code of Conduct for Professional Marketers, as well as pay the Chartered Marketer annual membership fee of $450 CAD.


Documents to Download


CM Application
Continuing Professional Development Requirement Code of Conduct for Professional Marketers

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