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Jan 21 - March 11, 2019

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To sign up for the Prep course you must first apply for entry into the Chartered Marketer (CM) program and meet the program eligibility requirements. After applying for the CM program, you will be notified by CMA regarding your eligibility to register and start the CM Prep Course. CMA will then process your registration for the Prep course.


Course Overview

The Chartered Marketer Prep course is the mandatory first step to participation in CMA’s two-year Chartered Marketer program. The Prep course is a self-directed, move-at-your-own-pace course adapted from McGraw-Hill’s 2018, “Marketing” textbook.

The course uses an electronic version of the textbook, with videos, interactive exercises, current case studies and examples to give learners a comprehensive overview of marketing today. This will place learners on equal footing as they move into the interactive, collaborative CM program.

The Prep Course includes quizzes, interactive assessments and a final exam which learners must successfully pass to enter the CM program. All course readings can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets, while the desktop experience offers practice questions and tips for richer learning

Course Objectives

The Prep course is designed to ensure incoming learners have the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in the overall CM program.

  • Discuss an overview of marketing and how it creates value
  • Assess the marketplace and discover how firms use marketing to differentiate themselves
  • Develop a marketing strategy and describe the elements
  • Demonstrate how consumer behaviour impacts marketing strategy planning and execution
  • Contrast the differences between business to business (B2B) vs. business to consumer (B2C) marketing
  • Recognize how to successfully target the marketplace through segmentation and positioning using appropriate research methodologies
  • Distinguish marketing needs for developing new products, including branding and packaging decisions
  • Evaluate the tools and channels used for effective integrated marketing communications, including social and mobile media
  • Examine the ethical issues associated with marketing decisions

Course Methodology and Features

  • The Prep Course uses McGraw-Hill’s SmartBook – a digital textbook published in July, 2018. Unlike a typical eBook, SmartBook personalizes the content to everyone’s needs, continually adapting to provide the optimal study path for each learner. This ensures the most efficient use of time spent studying.
  • Course readings can be downloaded to smartphones, tablets or personal computers, and all text can be played via built-in audio book capabilities.
  • Work to your own schedule with anywhere/anytime access


To enroll in the Prep course you must first apply for entry into the Chartered Marketer Program and meet the program eligibility requirements. After applying for the CM program, you will be notified when you are eligible to register and start the CM Prep course.


The time required for the course will vary depending on your learning style. You are likely to invest 4-6 hours per week on course readings, quizzes and interactive elements. At the end of the course, you will be expected to complete and pass a final exam with a grade of at least 50%. Students must achieve a final overall grade of 60% to pass the course.

If you have questions regarding the course requirements, please contact certificationmanager@theCMA.ca.

Course Outline

Module 1: Assessing the Marketplace

  • Overview of Marketing
    • What is Marketing?
    • How do firms become more value driven?
    • Why is marketing important?
  • Developing Marketing Strategies and a Marketing Plan
    • What is a Marketing Strategy?
    • The Marketing Plan
    • Growth Strategies

Module 2: Understanding the Marketplace

  • Consumer Behavior
    • The Consumer Decision Process
    • Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Decisions
    • Involvement and Consumer Buying Decisions
  • Business to Business Marketing
    • B2B Markets
    • The B2B Buying Process
    • The Buying Centre
    • Buying Situations

Module 3: Targeting the Marketplace

  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
    • The Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning Process
  • Marketing Research
    • The Marketing Research Process
    • Secondary Data
    • Primary Date Collection Techniques
    • The Ethics of Using Customer Information

Module 4: Value Creation

  • Developing New Products
    • Why Do Firms Create New Products?
    • Adoption of Innovation
    • How Firms Develop New Products
    • The Product Life Cycle
  • Product, Branding and Packaging Decisions
    • Complexity of Products and Types of Products
    • Product Mix and Product Line Decisions
    • Branding
    • Branding Strategies
    • Packaging
    • Labeling

Module 5: Value Communication

  • Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Communicating with Consumers
    • Steps in Planning an IMC Campaign
    • Integrated Marketing Communications Tools
  • Social and Mobile Marketing
    • The 4E Framework for Social Media
    • Categories of Social Media
    • Understanding Mobile Applications
    • Engaging Customers Using social Media
    • Managing Your Personal Brand in a Social Media World

Module 6

  • Ethics and Socially Responsible Marketing
    • The Scope of Marketing Ethics
    • Ethical Issues Associated With Marketing Decisions
    • Consumerism, Ethics, and Socially Responsible Practices
    • A Framework for Ethical Decision Making
    • Integrating Ethics Into Marketing Strategy
    • Understanding Ethics by Using Scenarios

Final Exam

    • Various question types (multiple choice, true/false, etc.)
    • Passing grade of at least 50% must be achieved on the exam