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CMA online courses offer practicing marketers an interactive learning environment with case studies, video instruction and integrated discussion boards. Courses are rigorous, including multiple assignments, participation and final assessments. Upon successful completion, students are awarded their certificate which counts towards the Certified Marketing Specialist™ Designation.

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  Course Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Spring 2021

Digital Analytics

September 21 February 1 May 3

Digital Marketing

September 21

February 1 May 3

Digital Marketing Strategy

September 21

February 1 May 3

Integrated Branding

September 21

February 1 May 3

Marketing Math

September 21

February 8 May 10


Certified Marketing Specialist™ Designation

The Canadian Marketing Association has established an industry designation for marketing professionals - Certified Marketing Specialist™.  To be awarded this designation, marketers need to successfully complete a total of five CMA Marketing Certificate courses.

Chartered Marketer™ Designation

Gain recognition as a top Canadian marketing professional by getting the Chartered Marketer (CM) Designation. It’s so much more than two letters after your name – it’s a vigorous two-year immersion in the very latest in strategies, branding, digital engagement, marketing ROI and martech. The CM program will raise your profile in the marketing community, enhance your career prospects and provide added value to your employer. 

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"The course material and supplementary readings have been very useful not only as learning material but as idea generators for me and others in my organization."
- Jane Bargout, Integrated Branding

"I never knew an online course could be so hands-on. Creating digital ads, writing a blog and seeing how a SEM bid process on keywords actually looks are just a few examples of how this course has provided value to my career."
- Zeeshan Ali, Digital Marketing

"I am confident that I can put together a cohesive and structured digital marketing campaign, with the tools that I've been given. There was a lot of great up-to-date course content. Taking the on-line course helped to make it fit into my hectic schedule."
- Matt Wade, Digital Marketing

"I found the content very practical and helpful. I can start using the things I learned right away."
Jennifer Davey, Marketing Math  

"This course was an excellent combination of theory and real-world marketing examples. I just completed my undergraduate degree in business and I was not exposed to this level of detail in direct marketing. Great job on delivery..."
- Adam Kostanowicz, Direct Marketing


Q: How do I access my online course?
A: Students can access the online learning platform at

Q: Are CMA online courses tax deductible?
A: Currently, CMA does not provide tax receipts for online courses.

Q: How many courses do I have to take to get the designation?
A: Students must successfully complete four Marketing Certificate courses and one compulsory Marketing Math course & exam in order to be awarded the Certified Marketing Specialist™ Designation.

Q: What is the suggested time frame to complete the designation?
A: As our courses require a significant amount of work, we generally recommend that students only take one certificate course at a time. Students can complete all designation requirements in approximately 19-24 months.

Q: Is there a time limit for completing the requirements?
A: Not at this time however CMA reserves the right to implement one in the future.

Q: How much does it cost to get the designation?
A: There is no additional cost to receive the designation. Each course is priced individually, these prices can be found on the specific course pages.

For more information, please contact or 416-645-3279.

Digital Analytics

From generating hypotheses to developing insights, learn how to use data to improve your campaigns.

Digital Marketing

Familiarize yourself with the digital marketing landscape and build your capacity to make better business decisions.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Experience the essential elements of building a digital marketing strategy plan. Understand and serve your ideal customers, set objectives, develop content strategy plus leverage modern marketing management models.

Integrated Branding
Integrated Branding

Hone your brand strategy to enhance your organization's value with tactical principles and guidelines.

Marketing Math
Marketing Math

Examine the basic formulas and special arithmetic used in marketing-driven companies. You will learn how to calculate key business metrics to optimize costs and deliver profits.