Offered throughout the year in half-day, one-day, two-day plus online formats. Participants will benefit from an interactive learning session, case study examples and invaluable take-home reference material.

Join us and learn from marketing experts who offer relevant industry examples with the latest information and best practices. Work closely with fellow participants in group exercises used to illustrate concepts and encourage participation.

Content Marketing Workshop

March 29 | Toronto

Learn how content marketing is changing, and how you can prepare

Project Management

April 6 | Toronto

Learn how to effectively initiate and plan a marketing project

Marketing Math

April 11-12 | Toronto

Learn how to calculate key business metrics to optimize costs and deliver profits

Negotiation Skills for Win-Win Solutions

May 2 | Toronto

Learn different key negotiation skills that will allow you to work more productively

Copywriting for Marketers

May 16 | Toronto

Copywriting for non-copywriters: Learn how to motivate, persuade and sell

Effective Email Marketing

June 6 | Toronto

Learn about the latest trends in email design and email technology