Cargo Exclusive Event

July 9, 2019
8:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Free: Invitation-only

Downtown Toronto




AI-driven B2SB Marketing® Insights: Removing the guesswork in marketing and messaging to Millennial Small Business Owners

It’s no longer just about understanding what customer will do, but rather learning how to anticipate how they will feel. The Cargo Agency, partnered with consultancy BRANDThro, has leveraged neuro-data, AI and proprietary analytics to make marketing, creativity and brand storytelling a more exact science.

Cargo’s first endeavour focuses on demystifying the make-up, values and language drivers of millennial small business owners (SBOs), the fastest growing, and least understood, segment of business owners in the US and Canada. It’s no longer just about understanding what customers will do, but rather learning how to anticipate how they will feel. When you can predict how customers will feel and react to messaging, you can be more predictive in all of your marketing. This is what we are calling the Emotion Economy. And if you can get customers to feel, you can get them to act. Moving the heart is critical to moving the mind in B2SB Marketing.

In this session, Cargo Canada president Miki Velemirovich will speak about:

  • An introduction to the “Emotion Economy”: how the unique blend of Man + Machine is giving brands the agility required to best traverse today’s emotional terrain
  • Quantifying emotions to enable creativity and competitive advantages for brands
  • Predicting an SBOs’ emotional response to marketing messaging before it’s created
  • The perception of Millennial SBOs doesn’t always match the reality
  • The personality make-up of Millennial SBOs directly effects the language brands use to move them to action


8:00 AM
Registration and Networking Breakfast
8:40 AM
Opening Remarks
8:45 AM

Miki VelemirovichMiki Velemirovich

Miki Velemirovich is the president of Cargo, a full-service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in helping big brands market to small businesses. Cargo is an expert in the Business to Small Business space coining the term B2SB Marketing. Prior to joining Cargo, Miki spent 20 years with big brands like IBM and Mercedes-Benz, in a variety of sales and marketing roles so he knows how to build client centric marketing strategies that drive results and move the needle. And this same experience enables him to understand the pain points of big brands trying to market to small businesses: while leading marketing for the commercial vehicle division of Mercedes-Benz, he spent countless hours understanding the motivations, behaviours and the drivers of small business owners in order to reach them more successfully. Now, his quest persists - to continue to build the Business to Small Business Expertise and help big brands be more successful in reaching this highly emotional target.

9:25 AM
Panel Discussion

Dan GliattaDan Gliatta (Moderator)
Co-founder and CEO

Dan Gliatta is the co-founder and CEO of Cargo, a full-service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in helping big brands connect with small businesses. He is an expert in the Business to Small Business space coining the term B2SB Marketing.

Throughout his life and career, he always seems to find himself pulling for the underdog — after all, he's been a diehard Browns, Indians, and Cavs fan all his life. Maybe it's the "us-against-the-world" mentality that draws him in. Or maybe he sees the passion and drive that pushes the little guys to stand up and make their mark. Whatever it is, Dan's taken that same thinking into his professional life as well, rooting for the "little guys" of the business world — Small Business Owners (SBOs).

Dan's 20+ year ad career includes working with major brands like Lenovo, NASCAR, 3M, Michelin, Intel, Daimler, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and others. Today, he's still at it, learning everything he possibly can about SBOs. And by doing so, he's making sure the voice of "the little guy" is being heard loud and clear by big brands everywhere.

For more information about Dan, please visit & connect with him on LinkedIn.

Brian CareyBrian Carey
Customer Marketing Director

Brian Carey is a passionate, award-winning Marketer with over 20 plus years of experience working on iconic Canadian Brands. As the Director of Customer Marketing at Rogers for Business, he has helped lead their transformation into a performance-based, data-driven Marketing engine. He has extensive B2B experience developing insights-based, customer-focused strategies and campaigns designed to help Rogers win in the SMB segment. Prior to joining Rogers in 2005, he spent eight years at Canadian Tire Corporation. Brian is a member of the Canadian Marketing Association’s (CMA) Brand and Strategy Council.

Stacey CummingsStacey Cummings
Head of Customer Solutions Marketing

I’ve been telling stories since I picked up my first crayon. Every company, every brand has stories to tell that not only impact their audience, but that also deliver on measurable business goals. Now I am a professional storyteller that helps the companies I work with engage their customers in innovative, compelling and measureable ways. For the past 20+ years I have been creating B2B marketing strategies with transformational leadership skills. I set vision for a team and lead execution through integrated marketing programs.

10:05 AM
10:20 AM

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