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Marketing Connected LIVE is an interactive webinar series where CMA president and CEO John Wiltshire talks to leaders in Canada’s marketing community, futurists and forecasters about how organizations can innovate and prepare for recovery. 

Each episode invites our CMA NXT audience to participate in a live Q&A to help setup up our future marketing leaders for success.

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Current Sessions

March 11
Ron Tite

April 1
Amy Sullivan


February 2
5 strategies to strengthen your brand’s engagement with SMBs 
Miki Velemirovich, President, The Cargo Agency


November 26
Consumer demand hasn’t gone away, it’s gone digital
Sabrina Geremia, VP & Country Manager, Google Canada


November 5
How the pandemic has changed the talent acquisition landscape
Bruce Powell, Managing Partner, IQ Partners


October 23
4 ways to unlock the power of martech tools and connect with B2B customers
Andrew Au, Co-Founder & President, Intercept


October 9
How do you live your brand purpose during a pandemic?
Trinh Tham, CMO, Harry Rosen


September 25
What concerns Canadians about the content of advertising, and how can the industry respond?
Jani Yates, President and CEO, Ad Standards


August 18
CMA's New Talent Council
Featuring Mehdi Rahman, Director, Global Learning and Development, Spin Master and Nardia Ali, Director, Talent Acquisiton and Engagement, Ogilvy


July 30
Innovation through look-alike sampling
Erin Kelly, President and CEO, Advanced Symbolics Inc.


July 21

Five Human Truths That Experiences Need to Address in the Wake of COVID-19
Brent Chaters, Managing Director, Marketing Transformation, Accenture


July 3
How Do You Reach Consumers and Donors During a Pandemic?
Brady Hambleton, Chair, NFP Council and Kim Koster, Chair, Brand Council


June 16

What's Next for Marketers?
Steve Mast, President and Chief Innovation Officer, Delvinia


June 5
A six step approach to get your brand back on track
Tony Johnstone, Former Chief Brand Officer, DDB


May 22
Understanding Canadians' behaviour in the age of COVID-19
Jan Kestle, President, Environics Analytics


May 13
Where should brands go next? 
Mitch Joel, Founder of Six Pixels Group, Author, Podcaster and Journalist


May 5
The Four Defining Elements of a Successful and Sustainable Business Model
Chris Stamper, Former Chief Marketing Officer, TD Canada

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