Verizon Media Exclusive Event

July 28, 2020
10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. ET

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10:30 AM
Opening Remarks
10:35 AM

Understanding your customers in times of flux

In our changing world, how do you build trust and connect with consumers in a genuine way while growing your brand? The key lies in better understanding the data to understand your audience. This session will share new findings and provide solutions that brands can use today to connect authentically with customers by leveraging data and insights.

Vijay RaoVijay Rao
VP, Head of Platform Sales & Strategy

Vijay Rao is VP, Head of Platform Sales & Strategy for Verizon Media. Prior to that, he led Client Strategy & Sales at - one of the earliest Programmatic Video Platforms that became— at the time—AOL's biggest acquisition in 2013. Vijay played a key role in driving Product Strategy and integration into the new entity.

Vijay started his career with 10 years of experience at media agencies. He was most recently at Zenith-Optimedia, where he headed up strategic planning for T-Mobile. In particular, Vijay helped lead the charge to integrate the agency’s traditional and digital teams, along with developing measurement to better align the dynamics of paid and social media.

10:55 AM
Closing Remarks and Q&A
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