WiderFunnel Exclusive Breakfast

December 3, 2019
8:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. ET

Free: Invitation only
(in TIFF Bell Lightbox Building)
350 King Street West, 6th Floor
Toronto, ON, M5V 3X5
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Your shoppers don’t buy rationally. They buy with their emotions and then justify their purchase rationally. Often, people don't even know why they act as they do.

Understanding the primitive, subconscious motivations that drive your customers to buy is no simple task. But, it's worth the effort. The business leader who can tap into and harness those motivations will tap into their customers' deepest desires.

In this session, experimentation pioneer Chris Goward will demonstrate Behavioural Science frameworks, with case study examples that you can use to uncover the "why" behind your shoppers’ buying behaviour.

You’ll learn

  • How to market to your shopper’s emotional drivers, rather than just functional needs
  • How to create more impactful experiments that uncover insights about your shoppers’ motivations
  • A tactical understanding of how to optimize your entire funnel and increase customer loyalty, including ideas for imagery, copywriting, and flow


8:00 AM
Registration & Networking Breakfast
8:30 AM
Opening Remarks
8:40 AM
Using Behavioural Science to Understand your Customers' Emotional Needs

Chris Goward (Moderator)
Founder & CEO

When companies like Google, IBM, HP, The Motley Fool and 1-800 Flowers want to improve their business results, they call Chris Goward. Chris founded WiderFunnel with the belief that evidence-based decisions get better results. He is the brain behind the LIFT Model, PIE Framework, and Infinity Optimization Process, growth frameworks that consistently lift results for leading enterprises. He wrote the book, "You Should Test That!,” which redefined conversion rate optimization and has spoken at 300+ events globally, showing how to create dramatic business improvements. You should sign up for his blog at WiderFunnel.com/blog

9:15 AM
Panel Discussion: Discussing the current market trends and pain points within experimentation community

Mediated by Widerfunnel CEO, Chris Goward, this panel will feature senior business leaders, including Cecilia Tamez from XE.com, Paul Gowan from Freshbooks, and Hazjier Pourkhalkhali from Optimizely. They will share their insight and best practices for creating customer experiences that drive business growth. You'll hear discussion about:

  • How technology and strategy interact to create business improvement
  • The role of experimentation in Customer Experience Optimization
  • What's working in marketing today
  • How experienced business leaders drive change in their companies 


Chris Goward (Moderator)
Founder & CEO



Cecelia TamezCecelia Tamez
Chief Strategy Officer

Cecilia joined XE.com in 2004, when the company comprised five people. She played an integral part in the growth of the company, leading to a 2015 acquisition by Euronet Worldwide, an industry leader in processing secure electronic financial transactions. She now serves as Chief Strategy Officer for Euronet’s Money Transfer Division. Cecilia has held a variety of roles, including marketing and strategy. Her strong passion for data and how it can transform business culture led her to the development of a strategic data function. Along with an amazing band of data wizards, she and her team created a cutting-edge Data Science programme that supports a real-time, event driven, and customer-centric data platform. Leveraging privacy-by-design from inception, the programme has successfully operationalized Machine Learning to deliver intelligent automation. When she isn’t glued to a screen, Cecilia spends time volunteering, travelling, exploring great food, and playing the ukulele.

Paul GowanPaul Gowan

Paul is the CMO at FreshBooks, leading its global marketing team. Over the past 20 years, Paul has marketed phones, food, alcohol, toys, and SaaS products at companies and start-ups, always focused on driving sustainable customer growth and retention strategies. He’s built brands through the appropriate application of data and insights and is always focused on driving results. He’s even won some awards that sit on a shelf somewhere and has written things for various publications that his mom is extremely proud of.

Hazjier PourkhalkhaliHazjier Pourkhalkhali
Global Director, Strategy & Value

Hazjier is a global expert in the field of digital experience optimization. He is Optimizely’s Global Director for Strategy & Value and has led consulting teams working with incredible companies, including Microsoft, IBM, H&M, eBay, the BBC, eBay, Adidas, and more. He has also developed the largest experimentation benchmark in the world. Today, he is co-author on 3 upcoming scientific papers on experimentation and has developed Optimizely’s analytics and statistics capabilities as a Product Manager.

10:00 AM
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