November 14, 2018
9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

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Non-member: $395

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) affects, at the least, every Canadian business in existence. Despite much recent coverage of the introduction of GDPR, CASL’s opt-in provisions are still arguably the most rigorous of any anti-spam legislation in the world.

Previously, CASL was heavily lobbied against implementation in its current form due to the tediousness, areas of ambiguity and anti-competitive effects it posed to our Canadian businesses. Moreover, after its implementation – and to the much chagrin of industry – the CRTC as the regulator has not been as forthcoming as many wished with sharing sufficient practical scenarios to help Canadian businesses fully comply while staying competitive on a global stage.

With its implementation in effect, Canadian businesses must navigate the legislation successfully while balancing competitiveness.

This workshop – which is geared towards an intermediate to advanced audience.  Topics will include: 

  • Discussions of the many areas required for CASL compliance including discussions around acquiring consent, record keeping, sending CEMs, and more.
  • Tips in drafting CASL compliance policies;
  • Case studies to help illustrate points;
  • Collaboration in a group workshop style will help the audience further learn from each other.

Earn 1.5 CM CPD credits

You Will Learn

  • CASL compliance requirements around acquiring consent, record keeping, sending CEMs, and more.
  • Common challenges and edge case scenarios faced by marketers in complying with the law
  • To think critically about real-world CASL scenarios.
  • Updates on progress with reforming the legislation.

You Will Benefit From:

  • A deeper knowledge of many of the nuances of CASL compliance;
  • Other CASL compliance practitioners in your field in a collaborative, group-setting;
  • Tips with increasing competitiveness while complying with CASL;
  • Obtaining ideas to help write and implement CASL operational policies into your organization.

Who Should Attend

The workshop’s content is geared towards marketing, web design and cororate compliance professionals in the for-profit sector that are responsible or partake in compliance requirements for their organization or clients. The curriculum is designed and delivered presuming audience members have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of CASL and as such, understand basic tenets of the legislation (e.g., what a CEM is, gaining express consent, acquiring implied consent, unsubscribe mechanisms requirements, basic exceptions to send a CEM, etc.).


Andrew Schiestel
President, tbk Creative
Founder, Lighten CASL Inc.

Andrew Schiestel is the President at tbk Creative, the Founder of Lighten CASL Inc., a Co-Founder of AODA Online and a former President (Chair) of the London Chamber of Commerce.

Through the London Chamber, Schiestel was one of the authors of the 2015 delegate-approved Canadian Chamber policy on CASL reform. In 2017, he founded Lighten CASL Inc. a not-for-profit organization committed to seeing CASL improved to be easier for companies to comply with while still protecting consumers. That same year he served on a taskforce with the Coalition of Business and Technology Associations on CASL reform (CMA is a member of), a taskforce with the Canadian Chamber on the same and appeared as an expert witness before the House of Commons INDU Committee as part of their Statutory Review of the legislation.

Schiestel’s articles on the digital economy have been published in the The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail and The London Free Press. His corporate website is; he can be reached at