October 12, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Non-member: $845

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The Advocates' Society
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Copywriting isn’t just for copywriters anymore. Today, people in a wide range of roles are given marketing and communications responsibilities, despite the fact that they often lack experience using specific tools required for marketing. So how do you hone your marketing writing skills? By becoming more deliberate, strategic and emphatic in your writing. All it takes is a concentrated focus on the process of writing in a way that makes a powerful connection with your audience. That’s the purpose of the Copywriting for Marketers Workshop – to study the principles of writing, through a series of examples and to apply those principles through a series of challenging real-world exercises. You should leave the Workshop with a greater confidence in your ability to write in a way that’s tailored to each situation, media platform and audience.

You Will Learn

You Will Learn:

  • How to express your strategic key message and boil it down to a headline, a hashtag and a one-sentence blurb in a range of different media.
  • How to use tools such as rhythm and parallelism to make your prose more conversational and memorable.  
  • How to tell a story about your organization and the people it touches with authenticity and purpose.
  • How to integrate your brand’s voice, tone and key vocabulary into your communications.
  • How to shape your communications for flow, brevity and impact.
  • How to lead your readers to take action based on the viewpoint you express.

You Will Benefit From:

  • The ability to write like a copywriter, so you can produce bolder communications that drive your message home with more flair, conviction and humanity.
  • The integration of nuts and bolts copywriting tools and techniques into your writing, allowing you to not only enhance your marketing writing, but also the effectiveness of your regular day-to-day work-related correspondence.  
  • The ability to develop different voices and messaging internally, enabling you to test different strategies without having to rely on costly outside resources, making your organization more nimble in the marketplace.


Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who is responsible for producing marketing communications and wants to enhance the range, depth and engagement of their communications to increase impact.
  • Anyone who acts as a brand custodian who wants to develop more critical and editorial skills to produce and critique marketing writing.
  • Anyone who is eager to inject a more dynamic writing voice into their day-to-day work-related correspondence.



Joel Sears
President, WriteUp

Joel Sears has more than 25 years of experience writing advertising and marketing communications. He has written for a range of clients, from blue-chip multinationals to small professional services firms – in large agency settings and as an individual strategist/writer and branding consultant. After writing literally thousands of ads, brochures, websites and social media posts, Joel has developed a precise methodology that captures the creative process for marketing writing. The tools and techniques that he shares have the power to transform everyday writing into communications that deliver much stronger results. After participating in a Writeup workshop, you will be able to channel a more purposeful and galvanizing form of writing. Better yet, by following the process that Joel shares, you will be able to rely on your writing as a core career asset that advances your performance and that of your company or organization. You’ll discover that copywriting isn’t some dark art, but instead is a skill that can be learned and applied directly to your work. 

Joel began his career as a journalist writing for consumer and business publications. He then spent a decade inside large advertising agency settings working on both automotive and packaged goods accounts. His freelance career has been even more varied, writing everything from ads, websites, collateral materials and social media posts to speeches, videos, letters and white papers – in addition to his work as a writing trainer.