A Brand Marketer's Guide to Programmatic Webinar

September 12, 2016
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Member: $645
Non-member: $845

3+ Member: $595
3+ Non-member: $795

Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) Annex
Meeting Room #4 - 3rd floor
720 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON
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More than just a marketing campaign, customer experience drives loyalty and evaluates brand value.

Successful brands embrace customer experience from end-to-end, including the first brand interaction, the shopping experience, the after-sale service, and the loyalty program. Ultimately, brands triumph when their customer interactions transcend the transactional to evoke emotional, visceral responses.

In this seminar, you will learn about the profound impact of customer experience throughout all facets of an organization. We will discover the key stages of the customer experience journey and the top reasons to craft a consistent customer experience. Get exposed to current and critical case studies that highlight organizations that have excelled and organizations that have missed the mark.

You Will Learn

You Will Learn:

  • Key stages of the first brand interaction, the shopping experience, the after-sale service, and the loyalty stage;
  • How a relationship evolves from one that is purely transactional to one that is emotional;
  • How the customer experience affects most areas of a company;
  • How to nurture and understand the relationship with prospects until conversion.

You Will Benefit From:

  • Examples and case studies of brands who have succeeded and those who fell short;
  • Learning to identify early customer relational opportunities;
  • How to deliver the best customer experience throughout and after the transaction;
  • How to evolve from a transactional relationship to an emotional one to create loyalty.

Who Should Attend

  • Participants are welcome from a variety of backgrounds including, but not limited to, Marketing, Strategy, Sales or Research roles.

This seminar is intended for businesses looking to better understand the importance of a great customer experience; and for marketers who are responsible for implementing a consistent customer experience at all touch points


Bianca Barbucci
Principal, Bianca Barbucci Consulting Inc.

Bianca is a true marketing expert who works with brands and companies on aligning their strategic marketing direction; taking their products and services to market and expanding their business locally, nationally or internationally.

She has led the shopper marketing division of Groupe TVA - the largest French network TV - for 5 years and previously worked in the agency business, namely as VP Client Services at FCB for 15 years and as VP, Managing Director at Publicis for 2 years. Bianca teaches and offers coaching in the areas of marketing, customer experience and loyalty.

Joëlle Namer
Consultant, JCN Plus

With over 20 years’ experience in relationship marketing, Joëlle combines her talents as a respected manager, and her advanced expertise in strategy, with a passion for training the next generation. Her entrepreneurial sense has been confirmed over the years and in the course of the various mandates she has undertaken since joining tenors of the industry such as FCB Direct (now FCB Montreal), Blitz (a division of Cossette) and, to this day, as a highly appreciated consultant.

Joëlle’s USP: reliability and peace-of-mind for her customers. They know they can unswervingly count on one of the best marketing producers around who puts her professional expertise at their service to deliver a quality job on budget and on time.