A Brand Marketer's Guide to Programmatic Webinar

September 13, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Non-member: $845

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The Advocates' Society
Education Centre
250 Yonge Street
Suite 2700
Toronto, ON
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While communication is rated as the top workplace skill in Canada,* too few organizations invest in the Professional Development needed to advance their people’s writing abilities. Writing is what separates winning and losing arguments, or in the words of the Harvard Business Review: “great business and bad business - a sale or no sale." Yet workplace writing today fails to make its case because it relies too much on a shorthand born out of the neutered writing common to PowerPoint and texting. That places an even higher value on a clear and direct message, passionately articulated in a voice that resonates with its audience. The objective of the Power Writing Workshop by Writeup is to help people write in a more compelling form, with greater personal conviction.

The emphasis in this day-long workshop is on practical, hands-on writing exercises that will expand the range of your writing voice – and adapt it for different platforms – from tabloid headlines to hashtags. At the end of the day, your relationship with writing will change, opening up new ways of communicating. Most importantly, feedback from previous Power Writing Workshops indicates that people are confident they can apply these new skills back in their workplace.

* Thinkopolis/Workopolis 2015 Canadian survey

You Will Learn

You will learn the importance of:

  • How to adjust your writing voice to suit a particular audience and situation.
  • How to design a winning argument, honing a concise message around a clear strategy.
  • How to work with empathy, emotion and intimacy to make a more powerful connection with your reader.
  • How to "listen" to your writing, to bring the strength of your spoken word into the realm of your written word.
  • How to use techniques like rhythm, parallel construction and segues to create emphasis and to smooth out your writing.

You Will Benefit From:

  • Greater confidence in your ability to convince others through writing.
  • A wider range of styles and voices, tailored to your subject and your audience.
  • The ability to better integrate your communications into an overall brand framework.

Who Should Attend

If writing is a mainstay of your working day, you owe it to yourself to invest some energy in making your writing more convincing. Instead of approaching your writing grudgingly, you can apply more creativity and personality so that your writing becomes a point of pride. This is of particular value to:

  • Marketers who work on the frontlines as representatives of their brands and are looking to write powerfully within a brand context.
  • Professionals who frequently generate e-mails, reports, presentations and proposals and are looking to increase business performance through stronger communications.
  • Communicators who must adapt their writing to different media, from newsletters and press releases to social media platforms.

Please note: the focus of this seminar is on business writing composition, not remedial writing. Basic writing skills are expected.


Joel Sears
President, WriteUp

Joel Sears has more than 25 years experience in writing advertising and marketing communications. He has written for a variety of clients, ranging from blue-chip multinational companies to small professional services firms – in large agency settings and as a sole strategist/writer.

Joel began his career as a journalist, writing for consumer and business publications. He then spent close to a decade inside large agencies working on both automotive and packaged goods accounts. His freelance career has been even more varied, writing speeches, videos, letters and white papers, in addition to his core work in print and for websites.

Over the years, Joel has developed a methodology to precisely define his communications objective for each client and project. He has worked for years helping to articulate ideas that have contributed to the success of the companies and organizations he has worked for. Now, Joel wishes to share the secrets he has learned as a professional writer. He is focused on helping people use a new writing toolbox to dramatically rejig their writing.