Developing the Marketing Plan

August 24, 2016
9:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Member: $295
Non-member: $395

3+ Member: $245
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The Advocates' Society
Education Centre
250 Yonge Street
Suite 2700
Toronto, ON
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How do you reach the right customer at the right time? This seminar, run by Google and a Channel Partner, explores businesses (of all sizes) can use programmatic to engage with target audiences when it matters the most.

On the surface, programmatic may seem like an investment reserved for large sized businesses; however, we will demonstrate how SMBs can integrate programmatic into their media plan. We will also reveal why programmatic is not just an alternative choice but is an integral part of media strategy.

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You Will Learn

You Will Learn How To:

  • Organize audience insights
  • Design compelling creative
  • Execute with integrated technology
  • Reach audiences across screens
  • Measure impact

You Will Benefit From:

  • A step by step guide on strategic media buying through programmatic
  • Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of programmatic extending beyond direct response campaigns
  • Participants will see programmatic as a strategic fit rather than tactical media buying alternative.
  • Hands-on learning involving case studies from key global brands

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing Practitioners from Small to Medium sized businesses
  • Marketing Practitioners with a fundamental understanding of programmatic who want to maximize their media investments.
*This seminar will be focused on strategic media investments and how programmatic fits into plans for small to medium sized businesses, rather than the fundamentals of programmatic buying.


Julia Amorim

CEO, MediaNet

Julia’s experience with digital media technologies dates back to the Web’s mass commercial explosion in 1994. She began building websites as a teenager, which led to digital marketing posts for two dotcom-era start-ups. Julia later gained exposure to some of the world’s first large-scale, web-based procurement automation initiatives through her work with Hewlett-Packard where she served as usability architect for its global enterprise purchasing system.

In 2001, Julia helped launch ad technology pioneer, Casale Media, during which time she was involved in front-end design for the company’s ad network platform. Following the platform’s market launch in 2003, Julia transitioned into building Casale Media’s marketing and creative services arms, operating as CMO until 2015.

Today, Julia serves as CEO of MediaNet – an independent programmatic advertising services firm purpose-built to equip its clients for the challenges and opportunities of a digital-first world. Julia and her team specialize in helping marketers capitalize on the rapidly evolving digital reality by marrying traditionally siloed disciplines—strategy, data and creative—into holistic and collaboratively executed programs that are organized around the consumer experience above all else.

Victor Amorim

VP Account Strategy and Activation, MediaNet

Victor began his career as a telephone interviewer conducting surveys for a Marketing Research company. From there he became the field manager overseeing operations related to data collection and quickly grew into the role of research analyst where he worked on key quantitative and qualitative research studies for the financial and public sector. His first foray into online was with a dotcom start-up in 2000 where he had his first opportunity to optimize a display campaign on what was then the “America Online” network (now AOL).

Building on his new found love for technology, Victor joined a Canadian Performance Management and BI software company where he worked with fortune 500 companies and government agencies across North America to consult on and implement their performance management frameworks – first as an Implementation Manager and then as Director of Implementation Services. After 9 years with MediaNet Victor continues to apply his consultative approach to helping business get better and go further with digital. Victor has a diploma in Business Marketing from Conestoga College and is a Certified Technical Trainer.

Victor is a passionate teacher at heart and strives to understand every situation before approaching a solution or implementation strategy.