Boost your Engagement, Response and Customer Satisfaction with Trigger Marketing

Trigger Marketing

November 13, 2019
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET

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Learn how the application of automation to your communication efforts can improve response, enhance brand and drive customer satisfaction.  We bring together three different organizations that use automation to review the topic.  You will hear from a marketing solutions company that combines various media to fulfill their customer’s needs.  Included commentary from a collections agency where communication is government mandated and accountability plus auditing is critical.  And finally, input from a membership organization that integrates communication with their web site to improve service to their members.  Included in the discussion are two other major participants including a service provider that specializes in automation for the mail stream and of course the country’s distributor of mail - Canada Post Corporation.

While traditional media is viewed by the majority of consumers to be more trustworthy than digital media, it falls short in its ability to be agile. By using technology to drive sophisticated and personalized communication, clients have the ability to create a relevant, meaningful and trustworthy follow-up (or concurrent message) that can be mailed within 24 hours of customer inquiries, sales, telephone or online activity. 

Gain an understanding of the benefits of trigger marketing, programmatic mail, and Mail Automation Processing and the nuanced differences between the various terms.  This will help you understand and assess the process that could be best for your needs and allow you to appreciate the technology (in layman’s terms), benefits and opportunity to drive revenue, donations, response and satisfaction by technology.

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing Managers looking to enhance their response and engagement.
  • Production Managers who may be looking for ways to streamline their current process to reduce costs, errors and delays and at the same time create quick reactions to triggers.
  • Anyone who needs to:
    • Find effective ways to reach their audience
    • Deliver the message quickly while the contact is still relevant or the ‘iron is hot’
    • Create self-sufficient programs that don’t require added time and effort



John LeonardJohn Leonard
V.P. of Sales and Marketing

John Leonard is V. P. - Sales & Marketing of Cover-All Computer Services Corp. where he works with his sales team and clients to develop relevant and effective communication by using data and technology.  Having once worked inside the agency culture, partnered with a variety of printers and currently involved with awareness and education he is an advocate of direct marketing and the benefits of using data in communication to drive better results and establish stronger relationships.

John is a vocal advocate for direct marketing awareness and education as an occasional guest lecturer at Mohawk College, The Institute of Communication Agencies, a production seminar for the CMA, and speaks at other courses, seminars as well as providing training.  He has co-authored two production handbooks – “Direct Mail Pal”, and “Direct Mail Pal – Canada”, contributed to one book - “Binding the Last Word”, and written a variety of articles on direct marketing, data, personalization, production and security for various publications.

John can be reached at, 416-354-4210 or search him on Linkedin.

Dominique SutherlandDominique Sutherland
Partner Solution Specialist, Channel Development & Innovation

With Canada Post for over 20 years holding a variety of roles in Finance, Operations, Strategy, Product Innovation and Sales Partner Development. She led the product roll out of Postal Code Targeting in 2017. She is Certified Solution Specialist, Pragmatic Marketing and Agile Development. Dominique is a graduate from Concordia University, is an active boater, fisherman, snowmobiler and calls Ottawa home. Experienced Salesperson with a demonstrated history of working in the delivery industry. Strong Product Development and Innovation experience. Among the skills needed for product development and innovation is connecting with the (lead) customer and market. Dominique brings this innate talent to her Solution Specialist Channel Development * innovation role. She has a special ability to harmonize with the customer and connect directly so that the customers' and the vendors' understandings are aligned clearly.

Greg KaufmanGreg Kaufman
Chief Knowledge Officer

Greg Kaufman has been CKO of iMarketing Solutions Group since 2007. iMarketing has been an industry leader for over 30 years in the North American integrated marketing services field. iMarketing brings integrated direct marketing products, services and expertise to bear for clients in the not for profit, political and association sectors.

With over twenty years of experience in Data Service and IT Leadership, Greg oversees all of iMarketing’s IT and data management infrastructure and staff, ensuring the firm stays on the cutting edge of data management, data mining and client service.

Prior to joining iMarketing, Greg previously held roles with Elections Ontario, the Government of Ontario and the Ontario PC Party, where he managed vast databases, including the Provincial Register of Electors. Greg is married and has two children.

Nancy ByoneNancy Byone
Client Services and Administration

Nancy joined CBV in 2009 and directly oversees our national Client Services and Administration functions while collaborating with all other teams across CBV. With over 20 years of collections industry experience, Nancy oversees all Client service, administration and Facilities for all CBV. Her tasks for 1st party, 3rd party and purchased debt portfolios touch several areas of our overall operation. This includes ensuring that all clients are onboarded on time and meeting all standards, to meet the capacity, location, security and other physical requirements as set out in the contractual obligations.

Her experience although varied includes but is not limited to needs assessment, design, contracting vendors, permits, ongoing direct involvement with general contractor on the project. She provided planning and design artifacts related to the contractual requirements and worked closely with the clients to do so, including coordinating the needs of the business and client contracts to deliver the best possible solution with all SME approval.

In a career spanning more than 22 years in a call center environment, Mrs. Bynoe has been involved in over 100 client onboarding’s ranging in size and scope and always actively been involved in compliance and security, ensuring all the requirements are met or exceeded throughout her career.