Boost your Engagement, Response and Customer Satisfaction with Trigger Marketing

Trigger Marketing

November 13, 2019
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET

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Trigger marketing, programmatic mail, or Mail Automation Processing uses technology to drive speed to market, cost efficiencies and maximize response. Streamlining mail processing by combining computer programs, business rules and ISO production standards to solve some of today’s business communication challenges.

While traditional media is viewed by the majority of consumers to be more trustworthy than digital media, it falls short in its ability to be agile. By using technology to drive sophisticated and personalized communication, clients have the ability to create a relevant, meaningful and trustworthy follow-up (or concurrent message) that can be mailed within 24 hours of customer inquiries, sales, telephone or online activity.

Challenges that customers may experience that can be addressed by implementing Mail Automation Processing

a) Timeliness
b) Cost
c) Response
d) Responsiveness
e) Information
f) Ease of use
g) Security
h) Dependability

Who Should Attend

Marketing Managers looking to enhance their response and engagement.
Production Managers who may be looking for ways to streamline their current process to reduce costs, errors and delays and at the same time create quick reactions to triggers.


John LeonardJohn Leonard
V.P. of Sales and Marketing

John Leonard is V. P. - Sales & Marketing of Cover-All Computer Services Corp. an organization that started processing data in the mid 60s. Through organic growth and acquisition the company’s services have broadened to include off-line media, Managed IT and now on-line media.

John started his career working for a division of Grey Advertising where he was responsible for servicing direct marketing clients, developing concept & creative, with a focus on data, production, print, personalization and mailing. Throughout the years John has filled most client-facing roles including account coordinator, account manager, manager of client services, sales representative and became intimately involved with production during his tenure as a shareholder. As a member of senior management, he oversees sales, servicing clients and marketing for Cover-All, where his appreciation and the organization’s roots in client data is allowing the progression of their services into new channels with a focus on relevant and effective communication by using data and technology.

John is a vocal advocate for direct marketing awareness and education as an occasional guest lecturer at Mohawk College, The Institute of Communication Agencies, previously developed a production seminar for the CMA, and speaks at other courses, seminars as well as providing training. He has co-authored two production handbooks – “Direct Mail Pal”, and “Direct Mail Pal – Canada”, contributed to one book - “Binding the Last Word”, and written a variety of articles on direct marketing, data, production and security for various publications.

John can be reached at, 416-354-4210 or search him on Linkedin.