LIVE Webinar: Contests – Know and Play Within the Rules

March 21, 2019
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET
Members Only: Free


Contests generate a lot of buzz and consumer engagement for brands. Thinking of running a contest? Creative and legal can and should work together to avoid risk.

This live webinar will cover:

  • How to avoid common pitfalls that lead to consumer misunderstanding and complaints.
  • Compliance tips and considerations for marketers.
  • Different types of contests and common digital issues.
  • The laws governing promotional contests (e.g.:, false and misleading provisions of the Competition Act).
  • Approach to enforcement by the Competition Bureau.

Who Should Attend

  • Business executives who want to understand the contest landscape
  • Marketers and creative teams who navigate these rules
  • Communicators
  • Brand managers
  • Legal and compliance officers


Lawrence Zuke Lawrence Zuker
Senior Competition Law Officer, Cartels and Deceptive Marketing Practices Branch
Competition Bureau

Lawrence Zuker has worked at the Competition Bureau for over 20 years, primarily in the area of deceptive marketing practices. He has extensive litigation experience, and has worked on significant civil deceptive marketing cases and significant criminal mass marketing fraud cases. As one of the leaders responsible for the implementation of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, he also has particular expertise in the areas of e-commerce regulation, digital law and policy. A lawyer by training, Lawrence obtained a law school degree (LL.B.) from the University of Western Ontario in 2002, after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from the University of Ottawa.

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